Who Knew!




I love a good giggle and who doesn’t? but what fascinates me is how babies laugh at the simplest of things, and whether you’re a parent or not it sure does feel good to see babies having a ball!

 Who knew for instance that:

Flicking pages through a book

opening and closing cupboard doors

Peppa pig theme music


scrunching up an empty crisp packet

Self blowing raspberries


playing peekaboo in a makeshift blankie tent

sliding a spoon in between the sofa cushions

saying the word “wrestling”

the green octopus packaging that came with the walker


would make my little man laugh

Take a look at this cherub


This brings me to the questions, can you remember the last time YOU laughed hysterically and what or who caused this? Scrolling through photos of hilariously misspelled names on Starbucks cups worked a treat on me. Have a look on the web for this I guarantee it’ll get your endorphins flowing.

What sends your babies into a laughing frenzy?

Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Thanks for reading