What’s in my Pacapod Mirano?

I love my first ever changing bag and I’ve become somewhat Mary Poppin’s like carrying all manner of things as a new parent, but then this bag (the Mirano that is)  has a 32 litre capacity. It’s true to say I’ve had to take my organisational skills to a whole new level coping with the demands of a 3 month old. Having to do things a lot quicker but never compromising on a good job, because when I’m prepared I feel much more confident going out and about with young Jay. I very nearly didn’t bother with buying a changing bag thinking that my usual handbag would be fine. What was I thinking!  The Mirano has made a pleasant difference and I’m no longer rummaging around getting into a tizz. The price tag is a tad on the hefty side RRP £99 but I haven’t lost any zzzzz over it.

changing bag

 1) Water Wipes ( Love love love these!)

2) Milton antibacterial hand gel

3) Muslins x 3 ( a must for reflux babies!)

4) Bibs (Lots)

5) Change of clothes for Jay x 2

6) Thermometer

7) Calpol sachets (from 3 months)

8) Sudocrem /and Bethanpem

9) Infacol

10) Mommys Bliss Gripe water

11) Dummy in a case

12) Tissues

13) Vital Baby Aquaint Sanitising water

14) Spare change of clothes for both mum and dad!

15) Boots formula dispenser

16) Dr Brown Feeding Bottles with cooled boiled water

17) Boots Nappies

18) Pacapod changing mat included with bag

19) Pampers disposable changing mat

20) Dangly  Eric Carle Ladybird toy

21) Spare carrier bag

22) Child Personal Health Record (Red Book) if going to appointments

23) Iphone/Keys/Charger/Purse/mirror and makeup bag

24) The bag has a newcomer Jay’s 4 month birthday present – a teething ring!


That’s all I think!

What’s in your changing bag?