Training co-ordinators to provide expert advice to parents about responsible drinking


There is a massive gap between the attitudes towards alcohol that we expect from our children and the attitudes that the majority of young teens have.

Results from AB InBev UK’s recent poll show that 7 in 10 parents believe 57% of young teens have consumed alcohol before. This is despite official figures claiming only 39% of children in this age group has done so.

It is essential that we remember this as parents and don’t make sweeping assumptions about our own children. Learning to communicate effectively with our children can help us to build a stronger relationship with them while giving us the opportunity to discuss responsible drinking.

AB InBev UK appears to be a company with a sensible approach to responsible drinking.


The Alcohol Education Trust is a partner they seem particularly proud to work with, collaborating to send experts in to schools to talk honestly about alcohol consumption. In doing so they hope to help parents and children make sensible choices.