The ‘Why I Write’ Blog Hop


Last week I came across an invitation tweet ‘Why I write’ Blog hop by the lovely Eliza Ellis that caught my eye. I then visited Eliza’s fabulously successful blog  Although I’m not a culinary whizz (far from it), like Eliza I’m a fan of making life simple and beautiful which I believe does come down to being organised. Why not take a look at this blog which has plenty of tips, beautiful pics and useful posts to inspire us all. You won’t be disappointed!


I have always liked writing ever since I was a little girl, whether it be short stories, poems, lyrics for songs, I even attempted writing a stage play at the age of 11 about a haunted house on the south coast of England I have no idea where those notes have gone…spooky.

I did well at school and carried out a work experience placement at a local newspaper firm when I was 14, and for a long time thought I would go into journalism.  It wasn’t to be. I studied hard and have worked in the legal field and now work in a banking environment so I don’t really get time to write per se. Type emails yes…plenty of those but I do miss writing. Before I headed off on maternity leave I had to make handover notes and it occurred to me how awful my writing had actually become quite sad really when at school I had a calligraphy fountain pen and really worked at writing beautifully. I did have neat writing once upon a time. I hope that by actually writing my posts before I type them up I might be able to redeem myself and although I have only just started my blog, I am thoroughly enjoying it so far and I write because I want to.


I usually write as I speak so that in it self is subjective and is a reflection of my personality. I tend to write long sentences over short staccato sentences. My writing style at my blog is of course factual and meant to be read out loud. As I continue to blog I think my writing style will develop and I would say it’s friendly and candid…I’m I allowed to say witty?! Only my readers can answer that.


I’m working on enjoying each and every moment of mummyhood with my new love Baby Jay and being a loving wife to my husband of nearly 4 years. I’m learning to get better at dealing with those crazy overwhelming days, those spinning plates you want to keep from falling. I’m working on making my house that I bought with my hubby last year into a cosy home, trying to go with an art deco theme. I’m looking for an art deco dressing table if anyone has one?

I love being a mummy and it really is a special time that I have to cherish, as my mum keeps saying “he won’t stay a baby for long”. I like many think there are not enough hours in the day. Time won’t wait for anyone I guess, when I work on something I try and see it to the end. I think I am getting better at doing things quicker now but its really takes a lot to stay focused when there are so many things to do on a daily basis. My career as a PA is primarily being organised and organising others and now I’m working on becoming an organised parent!


I like many mummy bloggers write from the heart and keep it simple. I often find it easier to express how I feel through writing especially when I write love letters to my hubby (yes it’s a bit old school but I like it) he also loves the ‘just because’ or ‘anniversary cards’ which I enjoy writing and love seeing the look on his face when I’ve successfully pulled at his heart strings.  Words are very powerful and I hope my baby son will some day be inspired to write about his experiences. I wonder if he will be inspired by his mummy and dare I say it …start a daddy blog!


I’m a notebook and pen type of girl and all my blog posts are initially written down in this book which my husband gave me back in 2009 from India. I have been meaning to use it for ages but didn’t know what its purpose would be. I guess it was destined to be my blogging journal. I particularly like the ‘om’ symbol on the front which is of paramount importance in Hinduism. I write when the Jay bird is napping as that is really the only time I have to get things done.  


Well that’s enough about me, I now nominate the talented Nicola Johnston to carry on with this blogging style interview .


Nicola is mummy to a beautiful baby girl Aria and writes a very popular blog please click on the link and say hello!

Thanks for reading and have a smashing day wherever you are!