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There are a plethora of cook books out there and I am currently using Easy Indian SuperMeals by super cook and mummy Zainab Jagot Ahmed as I wanted to introduce Jay to a variety of tastes and textures. So far he hasn’t refused any foods and we are enjoying our culinary adventure cooking without the use of salt or sugar.  This book is refreshingly different from the other ones I own and I absolutely love it!. For one thing it has really easy to follow recipes for the whole family not just meals for bambinos saving time having to make meals separately. Photo’s of the finished dishes add a colourful element and it certainly helps a cook like me that needs a bit of guidance as to what the finished dish should look like! Zainab has some fantastic advice for weaning at 7 months to 5 years + and information to help new parents introduce “SuperSpices” such as cumin and cardamom which is handy as Jay is half Indian and lots of home made curries are consumed in the household.

My mum wanted me to have one too!

A moving out of home present from mum over a decade ago!

There is a good mix of vegetarian and non-veg recipes and great little intros with nutritional content.  The masala omelettes went down a treat and the carrot and broccoli soup was finished off nicely by the Jay bird.  I can’t wait to try the Garam Yorkshire Hot Pot and there are plenty more twists on classics.


I made these scrummy Masala Omlettes (adult sized)

The question of when to start weaning is the subject of frequent debate among health professionals and parent. The official advice is to start at 6 months due to baby’s developing digestive system. The Jay bird and his ongoing reflux has made it a tad difficult to decide what would be best but we ended up starting the weaning journey when he was 5 and a half months old with baby rice being his first meal.  Now he is enjoying 3 meals a day and a treat at tea time usually a rusk or some fruit and he is bringing up his feeds less hallelujah!  We are not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to his milk throw ups. The last incident resulted in me deciding not to wear v neck tops ever again when I am holding him.

This was warming carrot and broccoli soup

This was warming carrot and broccoli soup

I genuinely like the simplicity of this book and even though I haven’t yet decided when to feed Jay meat, I know that I will be prepared and confident when the times comes. The tasty recipes have been thought out so well and there is something for everyone with a range of influences from British, Spanish, Italian to name but a few. I can see these meals becoming firm favourites. Thank you Zainab from me and little him indoors.

If you buy one cook book this year make it this one!

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*I (that is Bella not Jay) received a copy of this book to review and all opinions are my own.