Momentis M Rejuvenate*



I’m a self professed skincare junkie and from a young age remember watching my mum bring out the pink Oil of Ulay (Olay) bottle as it was called then which prompted me to take care of my skin  throughout my teenage years to present day. I’ve never had a major problem with breakouts but I do have dull skin days especially when I haven’t slept well due to my 20 month old sleep raider. I will be entering my 40th decade next year (woohoo) so I will try anything that claims to rejuvenate lack-lustre skin. I hope to age gracefully avoiding the shrivalled prune look where possible without the need of resorting to cosmetic procedures which quite frankly scare me. (have you seen the before and after images of some celebrities). Have a google.

The lovely team at BellaKidz must have sensed my need for a skin booster and sent some products from Momentis for me to try which I have been using for the past two months. I tend to not opt for the luxury end moisturisers as I think you can get decent moisturisers as a reasonable price but as these products are paraben free and gluten free which confused me as I didn’t realise there was gluten in some moisturisers I was keen to try them and at a retail value of £200 (gulp) I was curious to see the results.


Launched in August 2015, M-Rejuvenate is a patent protected product using human stem cell technology aiming to increase collagen and elastin production as well as increased blood flow and cellular renewal. My current skin care includes these three bottles 

1.Day Serum 30ml


This is smooth and very light on the skin. I tend to buy serums for use in Winter as skin tends to need a bit of a helping hand battling the elements. I like this serum a lot and it leaves my skin looking brighter. I make sure this serum is applied to all areas of the face and lets not forget the neck needs some love too.

2.Day Moisturiser 30ml


I am not too keen on the smell of this product. I think I’m so used to scented creams that it took a while to get used to applying this.  However it’s really light and absorbs quickly into the skin. I use 3 pumps as recommended and it works nicely as a make up base too.

3.Night Renewal 30ml


This night cream is said to stimulate cell renewal and I am beginning to notice that on waking, my complexion looks fresh. The cream is thicker but I don’t like the scent sadly.



Blank Canvas







I wouldn’t say I’m in love with these products but they have made my skin look noticably brighter and firmer and the best bit is that make up goes on like a dream after application. I think continued use of these creams may possibly improve the skin and as I’ve not had a  bad reaction I would be happy to carry on using this range if it wasn’t for the price.

What moisturisers form part of your skin care?

Thanks for reading