My Instagram Favourites!

The word “Instagram” is a portmanteau of “instant camera” and “telegram”

Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform and I can see why it is numero uno with the service rapidly gaining popularity with over 300 million users since December 2014. When it comes to my own account I describe it as the ‘Visual Life I Lead’.



I check this app more than anything else throughout the day because I love photos and it often provides visual learning inspiration. There are some stunning accounts that propel me to develop my creative self and it has become a part of my daily life.  It was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010 and Facebook went on to buy it in 2012. The total number of photographs uploaded had exceeded one billion which goes to show how many of us take photos daily. Recently I have been using Instagram stories taking short videos which adds a bit of fun to the day although I’m still not in love with this feature. I also never quite got into Snapchat. So when it comes to Instagram I do have my favourites and there are so many that I am going to begin a monthly post showing the profiles that continue to catch my eye.

I start with my beautiful friend Anna.



I had the pleasure of working with this stunning Slovakian in London before she moved to the otherside of the planet. She is one of the kindest human’s I know and we both miss each other but thank goodness for Instagram as we stay in touch daily and she is certainly living the dream living in the glorious Gold Coast, Australia which she truly deserves. Anna is mum to two gorgeous pooches and is keen on clean eating, travel, health and fitness. Each day her photos really make me smile and with a current Instagram following of 47+k it’s not hard to see why she is so popular. Anna I know you will read this post, love you lots!



I met the super talented Binny at a blogger event a few months ago and since then we have been in contact via Instagram pretty much daily. Her successful blog was highly commended at the Cosmo Blog Awards in 2015 and she also went onto be a finalist at the UK Blog Awards this year. Binny has wonderful photographs which are stylish and capture the moments perfectly. I absolutely love her reviews and her positive energy and hope to catch up with her before the summer is out!



Kaushal  is incredibly stunning and successful with over 510k IG followers.  Lie me she is British Asian I am inspired to try out her creative makeup looks even though I’m far from being an expert when it comes to makeup! She shows lots of positivity and is down to earth which comes across in her YouTube Videos. I know with so many beauty YouTubers these days it’s hard to find the time to watch videos. This Instagrammer has definitely made waves and it’s always exciting to see what projects she works on which is why I like her IG profile. If you like make up definitely take a look at this account.



Joasia is one incredibly talented interior stylist and I was lucky to have visited her stunning home in a very pretty part of the Country a few years ago. I still think it is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever been to.  I adore her instagram profile as there is something always to capture my interest. I also love the the name of her profile which fits perfectly. It’s soft and cosy and effortlessly elegant all at once.



I don’t think I will ever get bored at looking at the moon it truly fascinates me. I was lucky to see a piece of moon rock back in 1992 at the Epcot Center and was mesmerised how I could be so close to something that came from so far. I know there are so many NASA fans out there and I’m glad we get to see the universe from our home planet thanks to the people who bring us this profile. (Please do excuse the snapshot of this account with me in the background!)



One of my favourite bloggers is the beautiful Donna and she is also mum to a handsome little chap who is one very stylish and cute boy. They head off on adventures which I love reading about. I like the style of her photography and think she really captures the moment well in the images she showcases on Instagram. With so many mummy bloggers on the inter web I think this lady is talented, stylish and writes so well.  Follow this profile and you won’t be disappointed as there is lots of variety.



I love my Channel Mum family and since joining the team in February 2016 it’s been great participating in projects which have definitely made a nice impact on my life so far. Each day the Channel Mum instagram feed showcases happy photos. Whether you’re a parent or not this account is sure to make you smile.

Why I like Instagram

Visual Element

Pictures often tell a 1000 words. Snaps sent at the touch of a button sharing memories with family and friends.

Blog Element

As a blogger I find Instagram is almost like a mini blog post in itself capturing places, events moments with a few words.

Social Element

I have made friends via Instagram and some I haven’t even met in person.  It’s a nice way to keep in touch commenting on photos. I guess you could say the same about Facebook but I am still drawn to photos more than status updates. Although you can still share photos to other social channels.

Fun Element

Thank goodness for filters sometimes they can really make a photo pop! of course au naturel is great but with a teeny bit of assistance the right filter can do wonders or trickery in the nicest way. Don’t be afraid to use them I say.

Please feel free to recommend any of your favourite accounts in the comments, I’d love to hear who inspires you.

Thanks for reading

Instagram Addict