Peppa Pig Party Bags and Supplies Review*

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I’ve always enjoyed event planning big or small and although there are for guaranteed times that you want to pull your hair out, I love seeing people come together and having a good time.  Now in the case of birthday parties for the little humans in your lives buying all the bits and bobs can take over your life for the weeks in advance of the special day.  After all you want it to be perfect.  I was asked by the team at Party Bags & Supplies whether I would like to review a party pack and because I love parties the answer was naturally yes!

As soon as I clicked on the link I quickly realised that there was a variety of options to impress the party goers. Take a look here to see what I mean.

Who hasn’t heard of Peppa Pig? Jay is fan and so am I so this was my choice of pack and I quickly received the delivery from the point of order. I was super excited to open the box and see what was inside. The pack retails at £28.00 and includes the following:

  • Plates x 8
  • Cups x 8
  • A wipe clean table cover
  • Napkins x 16
  • Pre-filled Peppa Pig party bags x 8
  • Peppa Pig Party Bag Sticker Sheet (paper stickers), 1 x Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Chocolate Bar, 1 x Giggle Stick and 1 x Ice Cream Popper Party Bag Toy. Age 3+.






If you are in charge of planning a party I would definitely recommend you check out the items on Party Packs and Supplies on Facebook and Twitter as there may be offers you can take advantage of. In fact with a milestone birthday coming up for moi I will be ordering from here for sure.  The choice of accessories for all parties young and old is fantastic. Thank you Party Bags & Supplies.

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March Forward it’s Birthday Number 2


I woke up on Saturday 5th March 2016 after a full night’s sleep which felt like a major victory and then went to see my little boy who’s name funnily enough means ‘Victorious’ in Sanskrit.

My little Jay bird is 2 years old!


I banished the hideous labour memories to the back of my mind and took a moment to remind myself how far we’d both come.  He gave me a lovely smile as I walked into his room almost as though he knew the day was a little bit more special. I was treated to a rendition of his favourite nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and we both went downstairs to have breakfast. My parents had flown in from California the day before and showered him with kisses and cuddles


This year we decided to have a much smaller birthday bash no where near 30 people like last year. As our mini space cadet is rocket mad I had decorated the house the night before.  I’ve come to realise that I really do love party decorations.  If I could I would have the house permanently adorned in party mode!


To hear Jay say “Wow look at that amazing!” as he walked into our lounge made me go all weak at the knees. The helium balloons were a hit as well as the party wall banner with the dangling planets. He probably won’t remember any of this but I wanted to do something nice for him as well as celebrate with my immediate family. My mum-in-law kindly made a rocket cake for Jay which sadly suffered some mechanical problems in transit but I still thought it looked fine, it tasted even better.


As far as dressing for the party I was torn between wearing a pretty dress but then opted for us all to match. Both Mr M and I wore T-shirts from the Samuel Oshin Space Centre in California and Master Jay was dressed in his rocket print shirt from M&S and red trousers.


When everyone had arrived sadly Jay wasn’t in the the best of moods and decided he didn’t like us all singing “Happy Birthday” to him which led to tears. Perhaps it was our singing. Perhaps he wanted to watch the NASA rocket launches on YouTube that he is so fond of.  Once Jay had simmered down he started warming up to the atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed opening his presents.


I know I’m not alone in saying that children are sponges absorbing information around them.  I am really stunned by how much he remembers. My little newborn that caught me off guard and arrived early in 2014 is stringing words together often telling me when he wants to go outside and play and when he’s done a poo. (Let the Potty Training Summer Planning commence).


I think his generation perhaps learn quicker with the advancement of technology. In other words I have YouTube to partly thank as he is comfortable reciting shapes, colours, letters, days of the week, and numbers up to 20. May be that’s pretty normal by today’s standards I really don’t know, but it’s fascinating to me. There was certainly no way I knew those things before the age of 2. But with the good comes the not so good and sadly his eating habits is where it has been incredibly tough. The photo below is rare he actually finished his dinner on this one occasion.


Most of the time he takes no interest in food.  I’ve been told that babies that have had severe reflux struggle with certain textures. That obviously makes me sad for him and as frustrating as this situation is I hope this will change over the year and he will be swayed to try more foods other than beige coloured ones with the exception of kale and apples which have miraculously made the cut.

Being a stay at home parent is of course relentless and yes I feel the mummy guilt and wish I could do more for Jay taking him to new places and trying new activities amongst all the other daily chores. I am trying my best to show him lots of crafts and creative play too and attend classes with him, he loves painting.


He will be starting Pre-school later this year (gulp) it will be good for him and for me too.  He is lucky to have immense love from all of his grandparents, whom he adores being with and is a kind boy making us laugh with the silly things he says and does.  Thank goodness he loves animals and is very gentle with them.





Whether Mr M and I we will be blessed with another Rainbow baby remains to be seen which is why we are making the most of the moments we have with Jay celebrating his milestones.  I’m just so glad Jay chose me to be his:

‘The Mummy”

and that’s good enough for me.

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One Little Bird


This is an incredibly special post writing about a 1st birthday party for a very much loved boy, the baby I thought I would never have.  I’ve never been to a 1st birthday party so I was incredibly excited seeing my home filled with lots and lots of decorations red and blue in colour, and thirty of our friends and family who all brought love and laughter celebrating our son Jay’s 1st year in the World. It was a beautiful glorious Spring day and it all went perfectly.


I designed the invites on Vistaprint

The day before his birthday I took 30 mins alone going through his baby photos and videos on my MacBook. He was so tiny when he arrived after what seemed like an eternity (labour 37 hours) 6 lbs 3oz 45cm long on 5th March 2014 17 days early.


On his birthday I had him weighed and considering the severe reflux we all had to endure for 10 months of his life which was incredibly hard to witness, I now have a toddler who is 21 lbs and 77cm long. He’s often mistaken for being a girl! I am envious of his long lashes but he’s a now a little man also half my size in height which makes me laugh but he has a long way to go to catch up with my Mr Tickle arms (Thanks for the compliment Mr M).


If you are a parent reading this just think about how far you’ve come with your beautiful baby watching him or her grow and with each month confidence builds but brings it’s only challenges.  I had no training whatsoever no babies in the family to hold or nappies to change but I now know there is nothing quite like it. I love being a mum exhausting as it is I am devoted to caring and loving this boy who has changed my life for the better and I take great pleasure in seeing Jay smiling, playing and laughing with friends and family.


I put together a little music compilation which included songs which mean something to Mark and I and somehow a couple of Iron Maiden tracks made it onto the playlist!

Beautiful Boy (John Lennon) | Happy (Pharrell Williams) | Baby Baby (Amy Grant) | Magic (Coldplay) | Song Bird (Eva Cassidy) | Beautiful Day (U2) | It Must Be Love (Madness) | Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac) | Waiting For A Star to Fall (Boy meets Girl)

I found some photos of my 1st birthday party and still have the music box that my parents kindly gave me as a gift. It still works thirty eight years on!


I’ve put together a time capsule for Jay to open on his 18th birthday in 2032 which includes messages from the party guests. I’ve read them and they are really wonderful. I will be including a newspaper from the day he was born and from 5th March 2015. I will also be including other items in there, even tempted to put in the top I was wearing when I gave birth but that might be an item too far!




The birthday cake I had made had a picture of a blue Jay bird and was deliciously made by London Cakes

I had party gift boxes to give to the children at home time which were all personalised for each child which for us was a nice way to end the afternoon. It still feels surreal knowing I have a one year old son. I am writing a letter to him to open when he is eighteen. Mark and I will be old enough to be his grandparents but for now he is keeping us young at heart!

If you are planning a 1st birthday party enjoy every moment and best wishes for a memorable day.

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Bella and the Birthday Boy


Pat-a-cake Pat-a-cake Baker Days


Eating cake is definitely one of my favourite things in the whole wide world but sadly I’m no GBBO Star Baker.  Whilst looking for a birthday cake for the Jay bird who turns 1 next month my attention was brought to Baker Days by the lovely Beth at

To my great surprise the team at Baker Days asked whether I would like to review a Mother’s Day Letterbox cake. This instantly appealed to my tastebuds so it was a resounding yes!


When the delivery arrived I had no idea that I was opening the Letterbox size cake cleverly disguised in a box that slipped right through the er… letterbox. My first impression was what a lovely surprise and then I thought you wouldn’t need to be in to take delivery of the cake.  I like this quirky no fuss concept of having a tasty fun gift delivered via post. The dimensions were 3-4 portions being a 5 inch cake (12cm x 2.5cm) suitable for 2 people or for 1 if you’re mad about cake!


The cake was protected inside the lovely cake tin and mine was personalised. I chose a photo of Jay and I when he was 4 months old, I did feel guilty cutting into the cake but the guilt quickly passed!


Prices start from £14.99 including delivery, which is a tad more than I would normally pay for the size of the cake but then it was simply delicious and I couldn’t fault the presentation.


I would recommend using Baker Days as there are so many designs (500 to be exact) to choose from and ways to personalise a cake for pretty much any occasion. Dietary requirements such as gluten wheat free or dairy free cakes are catered for. They also do yummy Cupcakes and if you order before 2pm they can deliver the next working day.

Sometimes you can’t always be there to share a special occasion with a friend or loved one.  This is a unique way of showing them that you’re thinking of them. Mother’s Day is around the corner (wink wink).

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*Disclosure: The above cake was sent to me for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.

The Baby Shower- It’s Raining Friends!


A year ago Saturday 22nd February 2014 I had a beautiful baby shower thrown in my honour at my home by my wonderful childhood friend Nina and thankfully I was able to return the favour in May 2014.


I had just finished work the previous day to begin maternity leave and had no idea that ‘Quelle Surprise’ we would be meeting Jay a fortnight later!

I also had a surprise mini baby shower organised by my friends at work which was so special and it was at these events where I think it really hit me that I was going to have a baby! a little late you could say but it was true.


I adore an Afternoon Tea so it was fun incorporating it into the Tiny Feets theme at my baby shower and I loved having my friends and family with me celebrating the impending birth which will be forever etched in my mind.


If you are planning a pre baby party here are a few pointers

Oh how I love Pinterest ! why not create a board and look for inspiration.  Have a chat with the lovely mum 3-4 months before the due date and find out the date/time and location of the party.  It could be held at home or a restaurant or a community hall. She may prefer to have a spa day of course with the girls. There is nothing wrong with keeping it small and intimate.  Also worth checking if there will be a gift list that guests could contribute to if they wish.  Why not decide on a theme or keep it a surprise! for theme ideas scroll below.


Prepare a guest list writing down their addresses and numbers and send out the invitations. You may wish to email out the invitations if time is an issue, remember to include a RSVP date and check if there are any dietary requirements to consider.


No baby shower checklist is complete without something to eat and drink. I had a combination of home made delicious goodies made by my lovely host and shop bought party platters (Thank you Mr Waitrose). Don’t forget the drinks and Mocktails!

Order tableware it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to use glassware or plastic.

Think about ordering flowers, balloons, candles, and decorations for walls and where the decorations will go and how they will stick!

One of my favourite go to sites is  Mother & Baby they have a great list of baby games to play.

Remember you may want to buy prizes for the games and also favours for the goodie bags for the guests. You may want to think about a preparing music playlist.

On the day allow time to set up and welcome guests when they arrive and designate an area for coats and gifts.


Have a comfortable chair, with a pillow, for mummy to be to use at the shower, especially if she’s in her third trimester and remember to have fun!

There are loads of theme ideas at Pop Sugar

Welcome to the World



What could it Bee?


Western Theme


Vintage Baby Shower


Sweet Rubber Ducky


Sunny Breakfast 


Sprinkle Baby Shower


Sock Monkey Baby Shower


Ready to Pop!


Pink Ruffles and Ribbons


Old World Glam




Gold Pink Circus


Little Man Mustasche


High Tea


Exotic Morrocan Inspired


Space Invaders


Charming Childrens’ Books


Bun in the oven


Breezy Beachside


Airplane Theme


Western Theme


Velveteen Rabbit


Thai Theme


Sweet Lullaby


Sprinkle Baby Shower


Mod Gender Reveal Party


Little Pink Birdies


Lavender Theme


For those planning a baby shower it really is a wonderful occasion and I wish you a wonderful time. I would also love to hear about your Baby Shower please feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading!