The Little Boy Who Lost His Name Book Review*


I would definitely say I read more children’s books then adult books and sometimes you come across magical stories that capture you from start to finish.  Fortunately Jay and I have been enjoying a wonderful story called The Little Boy Who Lost His Name which was sent to us to review.  This book was created as “the labour of love and fun between good friends’ and I can see why it is so popular.   The founders went onto Dragons’ Den, where they secured a £100,000 investment for 4% of the company the highest valuation in the show’s history.


The A4 sized personalised books are written by David Cadji-Newby and illustrated by Pedro Serapicos and they arrived in cute card packaging which I know isn’t all that important but it made me smile.


The intro is worded nicely  and the adventure is based on the letters of your child’s name.  The child wakes, to discover their name is missing from their wardrobe door. They then set off on a quest to find it, meeting bears, mermaids, narwhals and other creatures, depending on the letters which make up their name. I don’t really want to spoil it for anyone who decides to buy this book by showing illustrations but trust me they are really good.


You can create and buy your own books available in different languages on their website by clicking this link, Each book made from paper from responsible sources costs £18.99 including free postage worldwide. I do think this is quite expensive for a children’s book but then I view this is a lovely keepsake too and would make an excellent gift .

If you do decide to make a purchase please feel free to use this code just enter ETPR56D3

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