Healthy Lollies! Claudi and Fin Review*


Although it may be Winter here in England I was recently asked if Jay and I would like to try the UK’s first Greek-style frozen yogurt lollies by the brand Claudi and Fin which I happily accepted as I was hoping Jay would take an interest in anything that contained fruit which didn’t look like fruit!


Let me explain, I struggle to get Jay to eat most days and so when it comes to fruit it’s often mission impossible.  While he will go for apple slices that’s about it so you can imagine it was quite a moment for me getting to see him try the strawberry and mango flavoured lollies which are fruity, creamy and naturally low in sugar. The strawberry lolly seemed to grab his interest as I unwrapped it and within a few seconds he opened his little mouth and went for it. At 23 months I have yet to have a full conversation with my son but he seemed to like them and didn’t cry which is always a good sign.


When I say they are truly delicious, I mean they are TRULY DELICIOUS being less than 57 calories! I would say the mango variety  is my favourite, you can taste the mango straight away.  They are not the biggest of lollies but then that’s fine as they are perfect for small hands and make a wonderful adult treat. Mr M made the point that he felt the strawberry lollies had a subtle flavour, I disagreed and thought they were quite fruity too. I suppose we all have different taste receptor cells!


I was pleased to read that 30% of your child’s recommended daily intake of Vitamin D is found in  one of these lollies  which is a plus point as 1 in 4 children in the UK is Vitamin D deficient.  We tried both of the Greek style yoghurt flavours, strawberry and mango,  available in packs of four for £2.50 available in Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado, Budgen’s and Supervalu and Centra in the Republic of Ireland.

I’m mighty impressed with anyone who has the courage to start a business especially new sleep deprived mums Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe who have developed a successful brand named after their own children very sweet indeed. I can’t wait to see what new flavours are currently being worked on and I’m so glad I have two freezers as I’ve restocked already!


So the next time you’re doing a food shop, I recommend taking a tour of the freezer aisle whether in person or online to grab yourself these lovely lollies that contain no nasties and are actually good for you and the little people in your life.

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