Live in the Present


Recently I’ve been thinking about how important it is to ‘live in the moment’.  So many things are rushed and forgotten. days, weeks, months pass us by and before you know it we are seeing in the new year with a glass or two of bubbles. Enjoying our present moments may seem like something that should happen naturally and require no effort, but in fact it’s often quite difficult.

My brain is in perpetual motion at 110mph most days and as someone who likes to plan ahead this state of enjoying the moment can be quite tricky to do.   I am full aware that each day should count and to focus on the present which for me is my family and of course ‘me’ the engine room of the family (well I think I am). I love my new job working as a sponsored vlogger for Channel Mum which has been a breath of fresh air for me and keeps my mind ticking.

Recently we spent a Saturday afternoon with lovely friends at a pub garden in Kingston along the river bank. Due to crazy Surrey traffic we opted for a bus  ride there.  Our journey which happened to be Jay’s first bus ride ever took us past the hospital where he started his life.  I wasn’t feeling great that day hence no photos of my face were necessary (even the industrial strength concealer had given up).

A week of self inflicted tiredness caused by watching too much catch up tv past my bedtime had finally caught up with me I blame all the fabulous British dramas. My usual bed time is 9.30pm. Even my parents laugh at my need to go to bed early. Try looking after a 26 months old fire rocket alone all day folks!







We left the stroller at home (probably not the best decision as it started to rain and was cold) AND there was a lot of walking and carrying for all concerned. Young Jay however seemed to enjoy the sights and sounds of his mini adventure.  It was nice to literally cross paths with our friends who were also walking up and we enjoyed a fun afternoon of chat and laughter while the children played. Jay being the youngest was looked after well. I had a hot meal and a hot drink which is always a bonus while the little man was given lots of attention by our friends. I will remember that afternoon as it was nice to sit chat and laugh whilst enjoying a cheeky glass of white taking in the surroundings around me. We all enjoyed scummy hot chocolates before heading back home. I will remember that afternoon because I stopped for a couple of hours and just went with the flow.




So how do you savour the present? for starters in my case it’s turning off the TV, phone (really hard to do) and step away from the laptop. It’s noticing the World around you.  I am by nature a visual thinker, I observe and take in detail and I do try and see beauty in all things. Sometimes doing the simple little things like eating your favourite food, looking at clouds in the sky or sharing a joke can make a difference to you or to someone else. I’m currently enjoying the wonderful celebrations of my home town football team Leicester City the 5000-1 under dogs winning the English Premier League. I feel incredibly proud of my home city and it was an added bonus winning a bet that I put on a few months ago. Just for the record I’m not a millionairess.


Have you heard of RAKS? Random acts of kindness.  They are spontaneous, in the moment and a great addition to daily life. I still remember the day a complete stranger ran up to me while I was walking to the station in torrential rain wearing my work suit minus umbrella. The lady shared the umbrella cover  for about 10 mins and I never saw her again. I did say thanks of course but I thought that was really nice. A few weeks ago I purchased a warm blanket for a homeless man I see sometimes sitting in the doorway of  shop. His face lit up and that really made me appreciate what I have and it felt good knowing I’d made a small difference.

One of the easiest lessons for how to live in the moment is to do something for someone else without expecting anything in return.   Every now and then, remember to stop and take stock of just how good you have it. When your friend makes you smile, thank him or her for being in your life and really mean it. Live in the moment by expressing your gratitude when you feel it. I’m fortunate to have wonderful friends who I may not see often but I value in my life and let them know it.

Wedding of Bella Patel to Mark Matten at Brooksby Hall, Brooksby, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire on 28th August 2010. Photograph by Martin Neeves Photography - - Tel: 01455 271849 / 07973 638591 - E-mail:

Worry has never accomplished anything for anybody and yet it can really interfere with good intentions.  My anxiety levels have gone through the roof since becoming a mother. My mum was right when during a spat she said “you won’t know the meaning of worry until you have a child” . She is someone who takes each day as it comes and actually does live in the present and tries to think of solutions to problems and worries.  I do find it hard to redirect mental energy elsewhere when stress hits the fan. If you’re not happy change the circumstances instead of complaining, life is quite short when you really think about it and often it’s better to get on and work on problem solving.  This week would have been the week that Mr M and Jay and I would have welcomed a new additional family member but it was not meant to be. I can’t feel too sorry for myself as I know that life is pretty good in the grand scheme of things and I’m forever thankful that by some miracle I have my little boy whom I love unconditionally.


I have been dipping into this book after hearing Rohan give a presentation on mindfulness. With so much happening in this fast paced society we live in I do view life a little differently and want to make sure I do enjoy each day wherever possible!

Living in the moment means letting go of the past and trusting in the future.

Time doesn’t wait for anyone.

We owe it to ourselves to make every moment count – Life is happening now.

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50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag!


I’d like to think I’m a happy compassionate human most of the time so it was great to be tagged to write this post all thanks to my gorgeous blogger mumma chums Stacey at Mummy and the Bubbas and Jess at Lilypod and Sweetpea where you can read about the things that make them happy. One of my earliest posts ‘Happiness’ features below (apologies for the repetition).

  1. Writing hand written letters and the kind people (that’s you) that read my blog! 
  2. Visiting Castles
  3. Balmy summer evenings
  4. Drying linen outside on sunny breezy days (I’ve turned into my mother)
  5. Mash
  6. Silliness
  7. Frangipan flowers (reminds me of my honeymoon in Mauritius)
  8. That new baby smell
  9. Getting into a freshly laundered made bed 
  10. Countryside walks in sleepy hamlets
  11. Laughing so hard it hurts
  12. Snuggling on the sofa with a loved one and blankie
  13. Writing thank you emails and letters to people each month where credit is due!
  14. Hot showers
  15. Listening to rainfall/thunderstorms when indoors
  16. Seeing fresh snow settle
  17. A foot massage (As a qualified Reflexologist I love giving and receiving these)
  18. That ‘Friday weekend is here’ feeling
  19. Rain on lazy Sundays
  20. Trance music
  21. The Seychelles candle from the White Company
  22. Beach Holidays and the sounds of the sea
  23. Period Dramas I’m talking Tudors, Game of Thrones, Rome, Bourgias you get the jist.
  24. When makeup goes on really nicely
  25. Afternoon Teas
  26. Rum
  27. Blessed to have a wonderful family members
  28. Watching thunder storms 
  29. Seeing animals making a recovery after being rescued from dire conditions
  30. Donating blood
  31. Art deco
  32. Entertaining – food always tastes better when shared with friends
  33. Hotel breakfasts
  34. Viewing London sites at night
  35. Having a clean and tidy house
  36. Fairy lights
  37. Baking
  38. Watching classic black and white films especially the Hitchcock ones!
  39. Wearing new clothes 
  40. St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City (breathtakingly Stunning)
  41. Seeing tables beautifully decorated
  42. Going to Ibiza (had my minimoon there too!)
  43. Going to see Theatre shows in London
  44. Committing a random act of kindness
  45. Watching Jay do new things for the first time
  46. Looking at the moon
  47. Gingerbread Lattes
  48. Mum’s text messages with incorrect spelling -some absolute corkers!
  49. Seeing people reunited at airport arrivals
  50. Looking after my husband Mark and our Jay

I could go on and on

Thanks for reading!







I did my first Guest post recently taking part in the #selfloveseries created by my lovely girly blogger chum Suzy who writes a fabulous blog Eeep I’m a Blogger.

Self Love means something different for each person, because we all have many different ways to show that we love ourselves. A foundation on which we build  happiness or try to. I’ve become a little more philosophical since becoming a mum and I really do feel that life is what you make it.

10 Commitments Of Self-love

I shall lovingly accept myself as I am right now.

I shall appreciate all the beauty that makes me who I am.

I shall regularly give thanks for all of my blessings.

I shall trust in my ability to take care of myself.

I shall not criticise myself.

I shall not criticise others.

I shall forgive myself when I make a mistake.

I shall be kind to others, without sacrificing my own needs.

I shall take responsibility for my life.

I shall love myself to the best of my ability.

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.

From my heart to your heart…