Lunchbox Love*


As mentioned in my New Year post I’m using positive thoughts and words to have a positive affect on my mental and physical health. However, I’d never really thought about applying this concept of encouraging children with kind words.

Enter Lunchbox Love for Kids from US based Say Please, with creative products designed to inspire your mini humans throughout the day with with jokes, fun trivia or positive messages. Each volume contains 12 cards and you can add a personal message to connect with the people you care about.


Although Jay isn’t old enough to appreciate these yet I was impressed with the words on each card. It’s a great way of connecting with those around you every day with ease and with a portion of the profits going to help feed hungry children what’s not to love?

Say Please was started by mummy friends and Judi Willard and Mary Fuller who wanted to make people feel good. They have come up with a number of different categories so that the cards can be enjoyed by all.  I like their approach:

Positive words can change someone’s day, a life, and eventually the world

I do feel that using positive words can help us develop a new attitude to ourselves and our situations and can’t wait to start using these with Jay when he’s at an impressionable age.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” 

Mother Teresa

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50 Things That Make Me Happy Tag!


I’d like to think I’m a happy compassionate human most of the time so it was great to be tagged to write this post all thanks to my gorgeous blogger mumma chums Stacey at Mummy and the Bubbas and Jess at Lilypod and Sweetpea where you can read about the things that make them happy. One of my earliest posts ‘Happiness’ features below (apologies for the repetition).

  1. Writing hand written letters and the kind people (that’s you) that read my blog! 
  2. Visiting Castles
  3. Balmy summer evenings
  4. Drying linen outside on sunny breezy days (I’ve turned into my mother)
  5. Mash
  6. Silliness
  7. Frangipan flowers (reminds me of my honeymoon in Mauritius)
  8. That new baby smell
  9. Getting into a freshly laundered made bed 
  10. Countryside walks in sleepy hamlets
  11. Laughing so hard it hurts
  12. Snuggling on the sofa with a loved one and blankie
  13. Writing thank you emails and letters to people each month where credit is due!
  14. Hot showers
  15. Listening to rainfall/thunderstorms when indoors
  16. Seeing fresh snow settle
  17. A foot massage (As a qualified Reflexologist I love giving and receiving these)
  18. That ‘Friday weekend is here’ feeling
  19. Rain on lazy Sundays
  20. Trance music
  21. The Seychelles candle from the White Company
  22. Beach Holidays and the sounds of the sea
  23. Period Dramas I’m talking Tudors, Game of Thrones, Rome, Bourgias you get the jist.
  24. When makeup goes on really nicely
  25. Afternoon Teas
  26. Rum
  27. Blessed to have a wonderful family members
  28. Watching thunder storms 
  29. Seeing animals making a recovery after being rescued from dire conditions
  30. Donating blood
  31. Art deco
  32. Entertaining – food always tastes better when shared with friends
  33. Hotel breakfasts
  34. Viewing London sites at night
  35. Having a clean and tidy house
  36. Fairy lights
  37. Baking
  38. Watching classic black and white films especially the Hitchcock ones!
  39. Wearing new clothes 
  40. St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City (breathtakingly Stunning)
  41. Seeing tables beautifully decorated
  42. Going to Ibiza (had my minimoon there too!)
  43. Going to see Theatre shows in London
  44. Committing a random act of kindness
  45. Watching Jay do new things for the first time
  46. Looking at the moon
  47. Gingerbread Lattes
  48. Mum’s text messages with incorrect spelling -some absolute corkers!
  49. Seeing people reunited at airport arrivals
  50. Looking after my husband Mark and our Jay

I could go on and on

Thanks for reading!