Skip Yourself Slim- Anna Renderer Workout


There’s something else that gets my heart racing other than Mr M.  I’ve been skipping or rope jumping as it’s more commonly known as. Contrary to popular belief, rope jumping is not just for professional boxers and children in the playground. It’s a high-intensity cardio workout that also blasts calories.   The last time I was an active gym member was in the mid 90’s. I also enjoyed taking a couple of dance classes but with various work commitments I couldn’t keep up. I’ve taken up this form of exercise because I don’t have time to go to a gym and feel I need to do some form of cardio other than chasing the Jay bird around the house and running up and down the steep stairs which is a semi workout in itself.


The reason I like skipping (well sort of like it) is that the skipping rope is a powerful workout tool. It builds cardio fitness, balance, agility and bone strength. It’s also one of the best go-anywhere fitness accessories. I have been following “All Hail Fitness Expert” Anna Renderer’s Jump Rope Workout and trust me you’ll feel you’ve worked out just watching this video! it’s insanely intense and I really don’t know how Anna manages to speak throughout I was rendered speechless half way in and one word of advice if you are a tad top heavy wear a decent sports bra!  If you really don’t fancy using a jump rope you can still do this workout by mimicking the jump rope movement with your hands. I have tried it without the rope but I felt a bit of a lemon if I’m honest.


If you want to try it for yourself here are a couple of pointers:

1. Keep your elbows close to your ribs.

2. Allow your ankles, knees, and hips to flex when you land.

3. Keep your jumps low.

4. Hold your hands waist-high in a 10 and 2 o’ clock position.

5. Turn the rope mainly by rotating your wrist.

6. Jump 1 to 2 inches off the floor, giving the rope just enough space to slip under feet — only the balls of feet  should touch the floor.


Happy Skipping!





Back in September 2014 I purchased a SlenderTone Abs belt which you can read about here and this is my update post as I have had a number of readers contact me about my progress.


I should say that I have been trying to eat better by reducing my sugar intake as I did develop Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy which came as a massive shock BUT I was able to control my diet and not take any medication thankfully. It has been a wake up call so I am much more conscious of what I eat now but I am a strong believer in saying everything in moderation!

9 months ago I gave birth to a much wanted baby boy. It was by far the most eye watering difficult thing I have ever done requiring all of my strength. 37 hours and lots of screaming later ta-dah! I became a mum and everything was brilliant with the World again.


9 months old

This time last year I was 6 months pregnant and watched others drinking and being merry enjoying Christmas treats while I looked on with a grumpy cat face. This year it will be much different and all will be fine with the World again. The Abs belt has really helped me get back some body confidence. As you can see I did have some left over flab which I could have lived with of course but as one of my personal goals for this year I wanted to achieve a flatter  tummy. I do have 3 teeny tiger stretch stripes for my baby carriage efforts but I will wear these with pride.

I was sceptical at first as I wasn’t sure this would work for me but I am very pleased with the results to date and wish I had purchased it sooner. I don’t belong to any gym but I’m fine wearing it every other day  for 20 minutes whilst going about my business and combining it with eating a varied diet and drinking protein juices. I have started to notice some definition but whether I can maintain this remains to be seen!

Would love to hear from you if you too are on a Slender toning quest!

Thanks for reading