Walk This Way!


Finally after months of wondering when it would happen the Jaybird has started taking his own steps exactly on the day he turned 16 months old and now there’s no stopping him! Granted he is still wobbly and walks like a little robot (there’s a clip of him on my Instagram account doing a cute Frankenstein) but it’s blown Mr M and I away as we watch him toddle in and out of rooms,  his face lighting up which each step.

This is a massive deal for us as a family as Jay actively refused to crawl so it’s been backaches galore for me mainly.   He’s moving so fast which is great  but also incredibly scary when he attempts to dash across the room while I follow behind trying to keep up.  House proofing is back on the agenda at Along Came Jay HQ as I notice more and more items that I need to move or corners I need to cover.

The time has also come for his first pair of fitted shoes and slippers. I had my first pair of shoes from Clarks when I started walking at 10 months old and now Jay has his.  So another milestone is reached and I can’t help but feel emotional as I watch this little human that I grew in my tummy do his own thing…well sort of.


Thanks for reading!