Enjoy Drinking More Water Challenge


This post is an entry for the #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons. I am a huge advocate in drinking more of it, and actually love the taste of water!

Being one of my favourite daily beverages I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage members of the family to drink more water especially as it’s thirsty work being a parent! A survey of 2,000 people conducted by One Poll for Robinsons has found that 70% of those questioned have gone seven hours or more in a day without drinking a glass of water.

Just over two-thirds cited being “too busy” during the working day to grab a glass of water. Highlighting the importance of taste, 80% of respondents said they would usually choose to drink something other than water, with just one in five claiming to love the taste of water.

I was recently sent a box of Squash’d; a super concentrated squash in six different flavours all in small bottles which can be easily carried in bags without the bulk. Robinsons as a brand brings back childhood memories especially drinking squash at school sports days and especially after playing outside in the summer (when seasons were seasons).

During my pregnancy with Jay I developed Gestational Diabetes which thankfully I was able to control with my diet without having to take any medication. As a result I am much more aware of ‘processed sugar’ in foods these days and have made big changes to my diet including drinking even more water.

As a family we have been trying the different flavours my personal favourite is lemon and lime, and looking at the concentrate as I poured it out I thought it would have tasted sweeter but it isn’t which is fine by me. Each bottle makes approximately 20 servings  with no added sugar.


Water is vital to a child’s health, fortunately my son quite happily drinks water and squash. If you are a parent that is worried about your child not drinking enough water perhaps try to flavour it or use a fun style water bottle with their favourite characters to encourage them to hold and sip fluids. This chart from Robinsons is a fun way to keep a track of refreshments.


I used to set a few alerts on my phone to remind myself to sip on water but I didn’t follow this too well.  That’s when I discovered an easy water bottle which I ordered from Etsy that gives you time goals for when you should be drinking water.  I love it!  If you don’t care about what your water bottle looks like, you can always just use tape to create segments on your water bottle with corresponding time goals.


The campaign aims to remind people that with real fruit in every drop and no added sugar Robinsons is a tasty way to stay refreshed. Do you drink enough water in the day?

Thanks for reading