Make it Snappy!

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Taking photos has become part of my daily ritual. I know I’m not alone in this. Mobile photography in particular has created a new generation of photographers and we all have our best shots so why not share them with family and friends and showcase your proud work.

Snapfish recently gave me the opportunity to design a few calendars which I had a lot of fun doing. A photo calendar is a great way to display your favourite pictures and can make wonderful gifts. There are various styles, sizes and themes to choose from. I chose the wall (laminated finish), desk and kitchen styles of calendars although other merchandise is available to personalise if calendars aren’t your thing! It wasn’t all about the Jay bird, I did create a desk calendar for Mr M with my photo snappings of Luxor, Eypgt which brought back magical memories.

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If you lack photo-editing expertise, it’s no problem, as Snapfish has an excellent online editing tool that’s simple enough for beginners with the function to import photos from Facebook and Flickr.  Select the photos you wish to use, drag them to the corresponding calendar and  you can even customise dates by  adding captions to birthdays, anniversaries, and special events.

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The photo quality was very good, with accurate colours and photos looking very similar to what I saw when previewing the calendar. I did have some lower resolution photos that were uploaded but quality was better than expected. I am genuinely impressed with the quality and these are so far the best calendars I have created via an online digital photo printing service.

With a season of good tidings just around the corner why not get creative and in the words of Snapfish “make your treasured moments special”

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*I was able to choose and design some calendars for the purpose of this review with all opinions being my own.