Lucky Things Meet Up

When I think about my closest friends that I have known for many years I wonder where would I be without them helping me navigate through life. I feel very fortunate knowing the wonderful people I know. There is also something quite special meeting new people and starting friendships and I’m all about surrounding yourself with good energy no matter what age you are and how many friends you have.


I wrote recently about my love for Instagram and one of the nicest thing to come out of it is making friends online.  At the weekend I made my way into the City of London to meet a group of approximately twenty five Insta ladies all whom like me are mothers attending the Lucky Things Meet Up organised by the wonderful Sunita from Lucky Things.


I am a huge fan of her blog and the afternoon was filled with chat, drinks, hand pamper treatments from Weleda and more chat. Mums can often feel neglected putting everyone else first but when a group of women come together its lovely to see how we do want to support one another by understanding, listening, and talking about the challenges we face in this fast paced World we live in.




The gorgeous Drift Bar provided the backdrop for the afternoon get together and I instantly felt at ease relaxing in the company of these fabulous ladies. I was able to forget my worries for a couple of hours and focus on me and it felt good! Sunita went onto give a powerful talk on her Time to Shine confidence tricks and asked us to have a think about the following.

“What does confidence mean to you?”

For me it means:

Belief having conviction in your abilities

Strength to power on and get on with the task at hand

Fearless being brave and being prepared to face obstacles

Many women these days are doing it all. Raising kids, working, caring for elderly parents, running a household, and often managing alone as a single parent.



This is me with the lovely Nina @mummyandnina who’s going to feature on my next Instagram favourites post. She does the most amazing captions and is a real wordsmith in my opinion. We could have literally talked for hours. In an age where technology has catapulted us all into connecting via emails and texts we seem to see people far less. I became a mobile phone owner aged 18 back in 1994. Before then friends would just agree to meet at some meeting point and hope for the best! I do think having a good old chit chat is good for the soul which is why I encourage anyone reading this to pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t seen in ages and arrange to meet for a tea, coffee or something stronger.

I know I am biased but I do think women are all round Super Women and capable of so much. I eagerly look forward to the next meet up and chat to those who also couldn’t make it this time round.  Because I had such a lovely time I have a little video of some of my thoughts which you can watch here.

Let’s take care of ourselves as well as each other.

Thanks for reading





Meeting Antonio Carluccio (CIRIO)


Variety is the spice of life and although my stay at home mummy days can sometimes seem a bit like the film ground-hog day going round in a loop in real time, lately my diary has been busy with lots of events. One of the lovely perks of working with Channel Mum is the exciting invites popping into my inbox and this was one of them.


I attended Cirio Tomatoes 160th anniversary party where Commendatore Antonio Carluccio OBE, OMRI gave a live cooking demonstration.  The Godfather of Italian food Antonio is a favourite chef of mine and a much loved and respected  Italian cookery writer.  I am a fan of the BBC series Two Greedy Italians where Antonio and his friend Gennaro Contaldo return to Italy together to remember their own pasts and discover how mealtimes and attitudes to cooking are changing.


It was nice to hear about Antonio’s experiences growing up and his love for this particular brand Cirio  which he genuinely endorses as well as the herb basil! I enjoy cooking for my family and I genuinely love tomatoes.  Despite technically being a fruit the tomato is generally categorised as a vegetable.  They’re the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.  They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K so I can go on drinking bloody mary’s which is great news.


As Italian food is my favourite cuisine I have frequented Carluccio’s in London Waterloo many times. It’s always nice meeting people you see on TV and he was exactly as I imagined he would be. Such a lovely funny gentleman who has a genuine passion for cooking good food believing in Mof Mof  ‘minimum of fuss, maximum of flavour’. A Tuscan soup consisting of bread Pappa al Pomodoro was on the menu as well as Mussels in a Cirio  based sauce both were flavoursome and incredibly easy dishes.




My evening at the Good House Keeping Institute in London was also thoroughly enjoyable because of these blogger beauties Pip, (The Simming Foodie) Binny (Binny’s Kitchen) and Hayley (A Lovely Planet)  and it was great to chat to them while we sipped on bubbles!.




If you’re looking for a new recipe book Antonio’s latest labour of love will be published this October called Vegetables showcasing his love for cooking with vegetables and placing them at the heart of the meal. I am definitely making use of the goodie bag which we were all kindly given and loving the recipes.

I won’t be opening a restaurant of my own though any time soon.


I did a little vlog to capture the evening.

Thank you