My Blog is 2 Years Old


I know I share the interweb with many millions of bloggers and today my blog celebrates its 2nd year of operation. My passion for writing is still ever strong and for those of you that support me by reading my written thoughts thank you from the core of my heart. (Blows Kiss)

This is a personal project started on the day my son turned 4 months old. It’s a hobby and even though I didn’t start it to earn a full time living or make a career from it I am pretty sure it would be wonderful to do this one day. It has enriched so many aspects of my life both personally and professionally and it’s crazy when I think of how many nice opportunities that this blog has created for me.

I have been fortunate so far in attending events, last week I got to meet one of my favourite Chefs Antonio Carluccio in my beloved London town.  Receiving paid opportunities from brands that want to work with you and emails from readers is a real bonus. I have also started Vlogging which was always something I had thought about getting underway but  I didn’t have the confidence until now.  Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

If you do fancy supporting me on the YouTube platform please head over to my channel  Along Came Jay the more subscribers the merrier!

I am incredibly happy to be working as a sponsored Vlogger with Channel Mum since March 2016 and this has really been the best job I’ve ever had with the exception of motherhood of course. I’m not sure what year 3 will hold for my blog but I hope to continue writing content worth sharing with you all.

Thank you for reading and for your kind support.