One Little Bird


This is an incredibly special post writing about a 1st birthday party for a very much loved boy, the baby I thought I would never have.  I’ve never been to a 1st birthday party so I was incredibly excited seeing my home filled with lots and lots of decorations red and blue in colour, and thirty of our friends and family who all brought love and laughter celebrating our son Jay’s 1st year in the World. It was a beautiful glorious Spring day and it all went perfectly.


I designed the invites on Vistaprint

The day before his birthday I took 30 mins alone going through his baby photos and videos on my MacBook. He was so tiny when he arrived after what seemed like an eternity (labour 37 hours) 6 lbs 3oz 45cm long on 5th March 2014 17 days early.


On his birthday I had him weighed and considering the severe reflux we all had to endure for 10 months of his life which was incredibly hard to witness, I now have a toddler who is 21 lbs and 77cm long. He’s often mistaken for being a girl! I am envious of his long lashes but he’s a now a little man also half my size in height which makes me laugh but he has a long way to go to catch up with my Mr Tickle arms (Thanks for the compliment Mr M).


If you are a parent reading this just think about how far you’ve come with your beautiful baby watching him or her grow and with each month confidence builds but brings it’s only challenges.  I had no training whatsoever no babies in the family to hold or nappies to change but I now know there is nothing quite like it. I love being a mum exhausting as it is I am devoted to caring and loving this boy who has changed my life for the better and I take great pleasure in seeing Jay smiling, playing and laughing with friends and family.


I put together a little music compilation which included songs which mean something to Mark and I and somehow a couple of Iron Maiden tracks made it onto the playlist!

Beautiful Boy (John Lennon) | Happy (Pharrell Williams) | Baby Baby (Amy Grant) | Magic (Coldplay) | Song Bird (Eva Cassidy) | Beautiful Day (U2) | It Must Be Love (Madness) | Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac) | Waiting For A Star to Fall (Boy meets Girl)

I found some photos of my 1st birthday party and still have the music box that my parents kindly gave me as a gift. It still works thirty eight years on!


I’ve put together a time capsule for Jay to open on his 18th birthday in 2032 which includes messages from the party guests. I’ve read them and they are really wonderful. I will be including a newspaper from the day he was born and from 5th March 2015. I will also be including other items in there, even tempted to put in the top I was wearing when I gave birth but that might be an item too far!




The birthday cake I had made had a picture of a blue Jay bird and was deliciously made by London Cakes

I had party gift boxes to give to the children at home time which were all personalised for each child which for us was a nice way to end the afternoon. It still feels surreal knowing I have a one year old son. I am writing a letter to him to open when he is eighteen. Mark and I will be old enough to be his grandparents but for now he is keeping us young at heart!

If you are planning a 1st birthday party enjoy every moment and best wishes for a memorable day.

Thanks for reading!

Bella and the Birthday Boy