Nu Skin Beauty Box Review

With non-stop product launches and a never-ending stream of trends born on social media, the beauty industry thrives on newness. Skin care I admit can be a tricky to navigate sometimes buried in confusing pseudo-science and baffling beauty marketing.  I am however someone who does take an interest in the science of cosmetics because ultimately our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have.

I recently spoke to a lovely Instagram friend of mine who knows a thing or two about beauty and she mentioned the Nu Skin Beauty Box.  Nu Skin is a major, if not one of the biggest, players in the multilevel marketing beauty space. Founded in 1984, Nu Skin began developing their personal care products in the Midwest US. Their product portfolio spans over 200 items all focused on anti-aging benefits and helping people look younger and feel more youthful.

I was eager to get my hands on this pre-assembled kit and was invited to an event in London where I got to see the products first hand. This September I will be 42 years old which isn’t old I know but I am looking for anti-ageing products that will help the health of my skin. I came away from the event eager to purchase and try them for myself so that’s what I did. The box arrived within the week and I started using the products straight away. I wanted to share my honest thoughts here. To start with you get seven products within the box which have been chosen due their popularity.

 I have been loyal to the wonderful Benefit Roller Lash for many years so I wasn’t sure whether this black mascara would come anywhere near it.  I can tell you that it does and the wand separates and lengthens lashes making them very noticeable.  I applied one coat and used the tip of the brush to add more to the corner lashes. I have sensitive eyes so I was a little nervous about how my eyes would react. I may not wear mascara daily but this is now my go to mascara and I love the formula which adds length and volume. My lashes do appear curled after application which is good as I’m not a fan of using an eye lash curler! Curled lashes opens up your eyes and make them appear more alert. It’s non clumpy formula means the mascara coats and thickens the lashes without clumping for a satisfying boost. The packaging is simple in its silver tube and I really think this is one to try if you are looking for a new reliable mascara.

I’m a coffee and tea drinker so over the years I prefer to use whitening toothpastes.  I was genuinely impressed with this product which claims to brighten, remove stains and whiten teeth while fighting plaque formation. I started seeing noticeable results four days in and it really does give you a long lasting clean brushed feeling. As with any anything results will differ from person to person.  Most of the reviews I have seen on this have been positive and I can certainly vouch for that.  It doesn’t have the powdery taste like charcoal whitener or bicarbonate whitener would.  I was sceptical at first but really happy to see that my teeth were definitely whiter. I had been contemplating having a white teething procedure but have changed my mind since I started using AP-24 as I am happy with the whiteness so far. This gentle, vanilla mint formula freshens breath and provides that clean feeling. A fabulous discovery! Some feedback from Nu skin Customers like the following:



I think you either fall into the I love green tea or I loathe green team camp. A bit like marmite! I actually don’t mind it but I can think of better things to drink hence why the tegreen capsules suit my lifestyle as I can still enjoy the impressive benefits. One capsule per day each morning with food and you have the equivalent of six cups of green tea in you. There is so much research now available which shows how green tea extract is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which have been shown to increase antioxidant capacity and protect against oxidative stress. It is also known to boost metabolism with fat burning properties. I have been working on my health and personal fitness over the past year and these green powerful capsules are a  part of my daily lifestyle.

I’ve never really invested in a moisture spray product before so this was a first for me although I think I recall my wedding makeup being set with a mist style spray by my makeup artist. A quick spritz of enriched water can not only help calm and sooth irritated skin, but also gives it a boost of hydration for a naturally dewy look.  This is a refreshing spray which I felt plumped up the skin too. I have found this spray useful lately especially with the central heating on in the house drying the air. I find this definitely keeps my skin hydrated and I can see this being something I use regularly in the summer. If you haven’t tried a moisture mist spray I recommend it as you can use this on your hair and body too. The scent is subtle and it really does freshen and lift the skin during the day.
I remember shaking the tube and hearing the liquid swishing around and wasn’t sure if that was right as I imagined the product would be thick and paste like. I was surprised to see it’s a liquid formula and I found it easier to use a brush and paint the product onto the skin.  Enriched with nourishing active ingredients, this mask deeply cleans your face and pores leaving your skin fresh, clean and glowing.  I had seen before and after pictures and was really keen to try it as I am a daily make up wearer and I want to make sure I treat the face to a mask that will  draw out impurities.  Although I have relatively clear skin it is prone to the odd spot or two and this mud clay is great as a treatment and also dries very quickly so you don’t have to keep it on for the full 15 minutes if you don’t want to.  You can visibly see the oil being pulled out. The great thing is this mask is suitable for all skins types. I even got Mr M to try it out and must admit I thought he looked slightly Hulk esque!  (I think I can get away with saying he is approaching his late forties). He too was impressed with how the skin looked fresher.  Once the mask was washed off he did have a little redness but it went away within 5-10 minutes.  I didn’t experience any redness and I have really sensitive skin.  The only downside is that I’m not too keen on the smell if I’m honest but I will forgo that as the skin definitely looks better after.
Exfoliating using beads or chemical peels is a go-to skincare strategy for sloughing off dead skin and revealing a smoother complexion underneath but it’s important to make sure you’re not aggravating your face in the process. This peel is a game changer for me.  It might not be to everyone’s liking but you actually see the dead skin cells coming off very much like a microdermabrasion.  Polishing Peel is an alternative to professional treatments, it delivers a fresh, healthy, complexion due to the pumpkin enzymes and bentonite clay working to remove toxins and slough off dull skin.  I was a little apprehensive at first putting this onto my face but I really shouldn’t have been as I can now see how important it is to use a peel from time to time. I know this step may see a but of a phaff to some but there is no point in putting on face creams if you still have a layer of dead skin for it to work through. This non-abrasive peel sweeps away the old, to make way for the new. While this non-abrasive exfoliant can help you attain smoother, more refined skin, it also means that subsequent skincare can be absorbed more easily. I don’t have time to go to salons for facials (sometimes I wish I did) but this used once or twice a week has helped improve my complexion and gives you professional results in the comfort of your own home.
Lip gloss is a product used primarily to give lips a glossy lustre, and sometimes to add a subtle colour. I am a huge fan of lip gloss I much prefer it to lipstick and personally like lips to appear fuller. This was actually the first product from the box I was eager to try and it did not disappoint.  The ultra shiny gloss is clinically proven to stimulate collagen production but this isn’t going to be an instant plumper. The oligopeptide formula builds over time and results are likely in 28 days. I have been wearing this gloss daily and there is definitely a tingle in the lips upon application but nothing uncomfortable. Wear this alone or over lipstick. The box has the clear  gloss but its all available in a subtle colour too. I will definitely be buying this one again.

If you are interested in purchasing the beauty box or would like to find out more about the products mentioned above please feel free to email me I was so impressed with the products reviewed above, that not only did it prompt me to immediately jump over to the website to order some more items, but I decided to start out my own little ‘mini franchise’ with Nu Skin because I love what I have seen so far.

I’m excited to start working my way through the whole range and sharing my reviews with my lovely friends and followers.  Nu Skins tagline is ‘the difference demonstrated’ meaning that you will see an instant difference more or less straight away and from what I’ve seen thus far, you do.

As always though, I will NEVER recommend something that I don’t like or feel doesn’t work.  I hope that you will all support me in my new mini venture which I’ll run alongside my blogging and vlogging activities. Starting out something new can be quite nerve-wracking but I’m also very excited to see where it takes me.

Thanks for your continued support by reading my blog and supporting me on my social media platforms!

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My Favourite Beauty Winners Under £5


I am envious of any Beauty Editor and can imagine it’s quite a fun task getting to go through the numerous products that land on the desk each day.  Sadly I don’t run a magazine but I do feel that great beauty products should be available to everyone, regardless of budget.  I’ve lost track of the number of items I’ve used over the past 25 years, but I’ve chosen some of my absolute favourites that consistently perform very well and I will carry on using just as long as they’re not discontinued!


Sleek Shimmer Blush Rose Gold £4.49

If you like Nars Orgasm then you might just want to give this a try. It’s a pretty pink and gold shimmery colour with great staying power. Less is more and you really don’t need a lot of this to get that subtle radiant look. I’m surprised it’s under £5. In my opinion it works with all skin tones. A big Win.


Dr Salts Himalayan Bath Salts £4.65

I’m fascinated by the majestic beauty of the Himalayan mountains and taking a soak in the tub with the purest salt on earth seems to restore all emotional equilibrium in the mad world of motherhood. These salt’s have an impressive mineral profile which also lends it well to external detoxification.  Magic in jar.



E45 Lotion is light, unperfumed and can be used all over your body, face and hands to care for dry and sensitive skin. I used this daily during my pregnancy and I think it certainly helped keep me stretch mark free or may be I was just lucky. Although I am a fan of scented body moisturisers I’m happy to use this lotion as I know it will tackle dry skin with excellent results.


Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream £2.79

This will be in my changing bag no matter what. It’s my favourite from the incredible Nivea range. In fact it was the base used for my Wedding Day makeup.  It sufficiently moisturises my dry skin without leaving it greasy, oily and shiny and has a really nice Nivea smell, you know the one I mean?  it’s super light and you don’t need a lot. SPF15 and leaves skin soft and hydrated.



L’Oreal Elnett £3.99

This award winning spray that has been around for years is a really good find. No stickiness and leaves your locks smelling gorgeous. The micro-diffused spray is ultra-fine and disappears at the stroke of a brush. I know it’s not a necessity to have hairspray and use it daily but on those special night outs when you want to keep your hair looking a little bouncy this one comes out the bag.


St Ives Apricot Scrub £3.99

I usually use Givenchy Peel Me Perfectly which costs many more pennies but I also think this stuff scrubs up pretty well too!  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft and I find weekly exfoliation definitely helps  creams and potions work better when applied to the face. The golden rule is to start gently and infrequently to see how your skin reacts to scrubs.  Whether you wear make up or not, removing dead skin cells via an exfoliator like this one will leave your complexion much brighter and clean.


GOSH Khol/Eye Liner £4.49

I don’t use much eye make up due to my ridiculously watery eyes but this is the one item that gives me a subtle smokey eye.  I use it around the edge of the eye as an eye liner with either a thin or broad contour line, as eye shadow.


Rimmel London Match Perfection £5.00

What started as my emergency foundation has become my daily rescue and I tend to stock up on this when it’s available on offer under £5 which I admit is not very often as it sells for £7.99 so please don’t  get upset but I wanted to make sure this one was mentioned.


Vaseline £2.19

Petroleum jelly is a wonder jelly. Consumers have discovered unique and innumerable uses for this marvellous product! It’s most commonly known to treat chapped lips, cracked heels, dull and dry elbows, rough skin, minor scratches, and many beauty fixes. I personally like the original formula but you can also buy the Aloe Vera and  Baby variants.


Murine Bright & Moist Eyes £4.59

I use these drops which  contain moisturisers helping to refresh and soothe eyes.  It has a slightly thicker consistency which initially scared me upon application as I thought I’d mistake it for clear glue! but all was well within a few seconds and they really help especially if you have also have redness.


Lucy Bee Raw Coconut Oil £7.99

I had to include my favourite coconut oil which although isn’t under £5 is well worth having in your household so lets just call this the red herring of this post. moisturiser, foot balm,  lip balm , eye makeup remover frizz fighter, cuticle softer, cleanser, body scrub, shaving, these are just some of the magical ways to help your body.  A product that gives a lot of bang for your buck.
So please enlighten me what other miracle workers are out there?
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*Prices as of November 2015

The Beauty Edit-April Favourites

At the start of this year in a post called The Beauty Edit – My January Favourites, a little someone said she would be doing a monthly roundup of her favourite products. Well it didn’t quite happen and perhaps I was being slightly ambitious but just goes to show how quickly this year is already  gathering pace. Here are my little helpers this month:

1)Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Nourishing Moisturiser 

A cult favorite since the 1950s rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins.  I’ve noticed my skin is  a lot smoother since I’ve started applying this cream  especially great for dry skin. I don’t think I’ve actually read a negative review about this product and I came across it whilst watching the Pixiwoo makeup tutorials. I can see why this cream is a classic amongst the stars.

2)MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I have returned to my wedding day oil free long wearing foundation which gives medium to full coverage. I actually mix two shades to get a flawless natural-matte finish and although some MAC foundations can be quite yellow in pigment I find it helps cover uneven skin tone once blended. The liquid includes SPF 15 for everyday sun protection which is a must in my book.

3)Dior Addict Gloss

I have my firm Givenchy favourite lip gloss but decided to try Dior Addict for a change.   The gloss does not disappoint and plumps lips for an intensified volume-boosting effect and gives a mirror shine. I love pink gloss and I wear this daily.

4)Murin Drops Bright & Moist Eyes

With some nocturnal episodes this month I have found that my eyes haven’t been their usual selves.  These drops are specially formulated to give white bright eyes are fast acting and ideal for great looking eyes in an instant.

5)Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream

This daily moisturiser has really helped my make-up go on well and as I have dry sensitive skin I love how its rich texture is very soothing.  The formulation with Vitamin E helps to protect the skin from sunlight with the added bonus of SPF15.  It’s fairly thick but non greasy, with a lovely scent and sinks into my skin quickly and keeps my skin hydrated all day without hurting my bank balance.

So what have been your beauty discoveries, fancy sharing them?

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The Beauty Edit – My January Favourites

Beautysets - My January Favourites

I thought I would start doing a monthly favourites series on the products I have tried and tested and think worthy of a gold star or near enough.  As a new year begins  I would like to get back to pampering ME.  Yes me the mum who seems to be sporting a wind swept hair look indoors most days wearing casual “comfy” clothes who sometimes manages to paint her face and look presentable. (That was a long sentence!) 10 months into motherhood I think I am beginning to find those precious extra minutes here and there to add to my daily getting ready routine. So without further ado here are my helpers this month.
  1. GHD Heat Protect Spray  £9.99 This smells divine! and does a grand job on keeping your locks looking shiny and smooth.  The weightless finish protects hair from heated without leaving a sticky, oily or greasy residue, a great all-round choice for ever hair type.
  2. GIVENCHY Clean It Tender Creamy Cleanser £21 the tiniest amount lathers up into plenty of cleanser for your whole face. I didn’t think anything could come close to my all time favourite Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle but this is hot on its heels.
  3. GIVENCHY Gloss Interdit Lip Gloss £20.50 This is seriously the glossiest gloss I’ve ever used with staying power.High Performance gloss coming in a splendid array of colours.
  4. KERASTACE Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt £26.00 Incredibly light hair serum designed for long locks. Add a few drops to dry hair, and you’ll be rewarded with sleek, shiny strands and tamed ends.
  5. NAIL TEK II Intensive Therapy $11.00 Using this product has help me grow my non existent nails and make them strong. I’m actually quite shocked how good it is. Just hope they never stop making this!
What’s on your list this month?
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