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Naming your baby is quite simply a big deal because it will stay with her or him for life.  The power that comes with naming a child can be both intimidating and addictive as no name will please everyone and other peoples’ opinions really shouldn’t be part of the process for something so personal. Jay was known at Kingston Hospital as the ‘male infant’ when he arrived into the World as we hadn’t quite decided on a boy’s name but I do feel the name he has been given really sums up our journey together.

New baby smell

In Hindu cultures, Jay is a common first name derived from the Sanskrit for

 ” win” or “victory”

Something I hadn’t considered was a hyphenated first name but take a look at the following combinations


I do read horoscopes unlike Mr M who thinks it’s all MJ (Mumbo Jumbo) and as Jay is a Pisces with Earth Sign parents I was intrigued to find out a little bit more about our Water sign Baby (he LOVES playing with water).  Apparently a Piscean child is one of the sweetest and most caring among the little ones of the all the zodiac signs. They are sensitive, sympathetic and highly imaginative. Extremely sensitive beings – yes that’s Jay!  

I do sometimes wonder what career path Jay will choose and although I don’t know at this moment in time what his occupation will be, I’m determined to make sure he know’s how to use a vacuum cleaner, iron, cooker, washing machine, dishwasher and any other household appliance! Take a look at the following chart, can the birth month determine work path?

Jay’s a huge music fan already and we usually reserve Friday for a day filled with me playing all types of music throughout the day although I won’t be rushing out to buy a drum kit just yet!

Birth months - Seasonal trends Infographics


Emma’s Diary currently have an interesting tool Baby Name Trends which is essentially a baby names trend predictor and helps to understand which names were popular in the past, which names are popular today and which names could be popular in the future. If you’re expanding your family in 2015 why not give it a try, it might just help you to make that all important decision! I would love to know how how you went about choosing the name for your baby!

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