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I hadn’t quite prepared myself for the amount of stuff accumulated when you become a parent, and day to day I am forever picking up toys and books and trying to make the place look decent for those unexpected visitors that actually don’t visit. I do however feel that all items purchased still need to be treated with respect even when they are no longer being used. I am pretty good at culling Jay’s toys that are no longer shown any interest or he’s outgrown.  Recently I came across a wonderful Free App called Pitapat which is great for listing unwanted items you want to sell or searching for items you want to buy all within easy reach of your home.

I do donate a fair bit to the local Charity shops but sometimes I feel like some things are worth selling and I like how this App lets you purchase items closer to home rather having to pay an obscene amount for postage.  I registered with my email and created a password and within seconds I was able to start using the App which is super easy to use.

Listing things may seem like a chore but with only a few details like a photo, description and £price it’s a matter of a minute or two.  The added bonus of it being a localised market place gives it a nice community feel in being able to help people nearby and remember it’s getting to that time of the year when costs start mounting so you might just want to pocket some cash or treat the little humans in your life!

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