Guest Post-Magical Harry Potter Decorating Ideas for Your Kid’s Room


For all you Harry Potter fans out there I’m incredibly excited to feature a Guest Post written by the talented Amy Mia Goldsmith and her magical ideas to impress your little¬†muggles!

In the world of magic and wizardry, anything is possible. That’s probably the reason why kids (and admit it, you too) love Harry Potter so much. If you want to give your little wizard or witch a part of a Harry Potter-esque heaven, there’s no better place to do so than in your own home. With a few simple and cost-efficient projects, you can turn your child’s room into a piece of Hogwarts, make your little muggle happy and win extra heart points in their mind – which is in itself reason enough to consider one of these Hogwarts-y room remodeling ideas!


Magic on the walls: A paint number fit for a would-be wizard

The easiest way to achieve a Harry Potter-y look in your kid’s room is to imitate the look of castle walls of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To get the eerie castle wall look, use sponge painting. Apply a basecoat in light grey or purple paint, then use a sponge to make brown or dark grey dabs on the basecoat. This will help produce the stoney, aged look and create the perfect backdrop for the remodeling endeavors to follow.


Drape it up: Add heavy curtains and drapes to beds and windows

For a Hogwarts-y look in your kid’s bedroom, you’ll also need some heavy drapes and curtains to decorate your HP fan’s bed and windows. In J.K. Rowling’s school of witchcraft and wizardry, students use bed curtains to get some privacy, so if you’re aiming to make your child feel less of a muggle and more of a wizard in the making, you’ll need rich, heavy fabrics, a handful of screws and small hooks and some string ties to create an drawing bed curtain mechanism. Once done, adorn the windows with drapes made from the same material – this will create a marvelous mystical yet stern feel in the room, just like the one your kid saw in his/her favorite Harry Potter film.


Wizard Chest: Place a log or trunk at the foot of the bed

Easy and cheap to find at garage sales and thrift stores – or the local forest for that matter, an old log or tree trunk placed at the foot of your kid’s bed will add a quaint feel of olden times, legends and magic to the room. If you didn’t know, young Mr. Potter used the trunk to bring his gear to and from the wizardry school – and your young wizardry fan will be able to use it as additional storage space for his precious magical (and non-magical) belongings.


The library bit: Antique-looking books and torch-looking chandelier

Hogwarts is a school of magic, which means there are old books, beakers and jars with weird-looking contents everywhere you turn – so why not use this handy piece of info when decorating your child’s bedroom? Grab some ancient manuscripts and hardcovers with loose pages at the local antiquary to add to your kid’s bookshelf. You can create a mystic atmosphere with torch-looking led high bay lights Use glass paint to draw cobwebs, spooky eyes and similar intriguing magical details on discarded empty jars to place next to the bookshelf (bonus points: your kid will also be happy to whip those up in the classroom next Halloween).


Mirror, mirror on the wall

One more interesting detail for your would-be wizard’s bedroom, a large mirror with an aged-looking frame with elaborate elements in gold paint will be a perfect addition to a Gryffindor room. In J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece, the Mirror of Erised reflects hidden desires of the gazer, but even without its magical properties, a lookalike mirror will help evoke the mystical, eerie feel in your kid’s piece of Hogwarts atmosphere. ¬†As a finishing touch, add a broomstick and a wand – and the magical room will be ready to welcome your child, a future wizardry master.

About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate with a lot of different interests in life. She and her husband love DIY projects and living green. Amy’s daughter Sophie is 5 and her favourite magical character is Hermione. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.