11 Months Leaving Babyhood Behind


We’ve made it to 11 months! This time last year I was preparing for my baby shower and watching YouTube ‘how to’ videos by Mothercare (quite useful if you’re a true novice when it comes to bambinos). Unfortunately I still made time to watch one born every minute which would Scare The Bejeezus out of me.

Well that was then and this is now and it’s like someone has pressed fast forward to today 5th Feb 2015. Jay you are no longer a teeny newborn, I am proud to be your mummy as you become a little man understanding certain words and ignoring me when I say no! I love hearing you babbling away with that cute voice of yours.


 So what’s been happening in your world

You have a  tooth emerging next to your bottom centre pegs

You love marmite toast soldiers


You have finally fallen in love with your Red Kite walker as crawling doesn’t interest you.

You can wobbly stand with support

You need a haircut


Opening and closing doors is mesmerising

Your Grandparents

Being surprised by pop up books makes you go all silly.


Wiping your mouth with a wet tissue no longer sends you into meltdown.

You love pulling on mum’s hair she may need to invest in a wig by the time you turn 2.

Playing with other children

Smiles at dogs and cats


Things you would rather avoid


Eating!! (took a step back due to teething but getting back on track)

Mr Dyson under the stairs strange as he never used to bother you before

People wearing glasses can often send your bottom lip quivering

Napping during the day (a dream sleeper at night) what’s worse?

Our routine on a good day!

7.00am I get up shower and dress

7.30am I come into the nursery and sing Good morning and then a quick nappy change and freshen up of face  and  downstairs for milky time 6oz bottle

We then watch some tv usually Milkshake or I try and get in a sneaky 30 mins of Frasier /catch up on my iphone emails! while you play with toys

8.00am I have my brekkie

8.30am You have breakfast usually porridge with fruit or toast and then we read some books or listen to music it’s 80’s week this week!

10.00-11.00am Nappy change and nap time, while I get on with the fun stuff – housework!

11.00am 6oz bottle and morning snacks either rice cakes, yogurt, fruit puree

11.30am head out for a short walk around the area sometimes head to the library or sometime grandparents come over to play with you

12.30pm I start preparing lunch while you have a wander around on your walker and go exploring always in my view though

1.00pm nappy change and lunch time either a Heinz or HiPP Organic lunch or steamed veg

1.30pm 6oz bottle

2.00pm playtime with mummy / indoor sensory play

2.30pm-3pm Head out for weekly story time at the library or any baby class activities


3.00-4.00pm Nappy change and your nap time and I have my afternoon tea – I look forward to this very much sometimes start watching the afternoon film but never manage to catch the ending!


4.30pm Tea time snacks 6oz bottle and we head out to the local shops

5.30pm Jay’s favourite time of the day bath time and massage before daddy gets back from work

6.30pm Dinner and change into your white super soft M&S sleepsuits (wish they did one for adults)

7.00pm Read a book, play with daddy and watch the cbeebies bedtime story while I cook dinner.


8.30pm 6oz bottle and cuddles on the sofa with blankie before your bedtime

Time for the parents to try and relax and some evenings I write my blog

It doesn’t always go like this, in fact most days it doesn’t but I tend to have an idea of how the day will pan out

So all that’s left for me to say is next stop

It’s the BIG ONE!


Are you also approaching your baby’s 1st birthday?