Supporting Pampers UNICEF “1 pack = 1 vaccine”


I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to become a parent, a mummy to baby Jay. It took a while and after many years of wondering here I am with a son to care for now and forever.

I was recently contacted regarding the 9th Pampers UNICEF 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign and I had no hesitation in pledging my support as no matter who we are and what we do, what all children around the World deserve is a good loving start to life. The campaign has been helping to prevent Maternal & Newborn Tetanus since 2006 by funding vaccines in some of the World’s poorest Countries.

It is incredibly sad to think that so many miss those precious “first-time moments” through what is an entirely preventable disease. This year Pampers & UNICEF are hoping for bloggers to share their most treasured first moments.

Each and every moment with my baby is special as I waited so long for him and I love watching him grow day by day. From the very first moment I laid eyes on Jay as he was placed on my chest I genuinely felt like the World around me had stopped still and those initial moments well they will be with me for a lifetime. I do have a photo of that exact moment but labour blood doesn’t make for nice viewing!


The moment I called my mum at 7.30am 5th March 2014 to tell her she had become a grandma for the first time was incredibly special just writing about that now makes me well up!

Showing Jay to my brother living 6000 miles away in Southern California via Skype was really heart warming. I hope he gets to meet him in person soon.

Seeing Jay eat for the first time well that also set me off. Goodness knows how I will handle him going to nursery one day.

The first time Jay slept through the night at 8 weeks,  that felt EPIC!!

What are your treasured “first-time moments” ?

This little vid warmed the cockles of my heart! Please feel free to share.

 Pampers & UNICEF | First Times video

For every specially marked pack of Pampers bought, Pampers will donate the cost of one vaccine to help UNICEF in the fight against Maternal and Newborn Tetanus.


* For every view of this Blog post Pampers will donate the cost of 3 vaccines to UNICEF which makes me a very happy mummy.