Sunday captured through a lense – Walking in Epsom


Weekends are precious especially when it’s the only time both Mr M and I can really catch up together and have a proper conversation, yes talk and shoot the breeze! Jay was spending Sunday with my parents so the spontaneous decision was made to head out for a long walk something we try and do together when we can. We love cosy days in too of course but as the weather was dry I quickly found a walking route online and we made our way to the Epsom Downs. The last time we did quite a bit of walking was in San Francisco about 24 miles over 2 days.  Probably the most I’ve ever walked unintentionally! this wasn’t going to be anything on that mammoth scale but enough to have a leg work out at least.


As it was a Sunday the temptation of a warm roast dinner proved to be far to tempting and that was our first stop….the pub. We then set off with our printed walking route called ‘Horsing and Coursing’ which wasn’t all that clear to be honest (no pictures of specific points of interest) but somehow we didn’t get lost and stayed on track even after a few alcoholic beverages along the way. In total we walked approximately 7 miles no where near our San Fran stint.







Do you enjoy long walks?

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