Slendertone Please Work Your Magic!


I’m addicted to cake and gateaus of the Blackforest kind. There I said it. A bit of everything in moderation is my usual motto but I have appeared to have gone past the point of no return and have let my belly go. Back in March a week after giving birth my tummy was flatter than ever before.  I had quite a painful time recovering from a forceps and episiotomy delivery and my appetite had pretty much disappeared. Once I felt human again I started to enjoy my food once more.


Pint sized I may be but I have a big appetite!  I’ve always had a slim frame but struggle with my little pot belly which I wish I could flatten. (I was going to upload a picture of said belly but I think I will pass) I have tried to get an exercise regime in place to include sit ups but making the time  to do those daily as well as kegel exercises has been hard as a new mummy.

I need help and Slendertone aims to give you firmer abs from just 4 weeks. I also have an impending beach holiday in Mallorca in just 3 weeks. I haven’t worn a bikini in 2 years and I would love to be able to feel confident in wearing one rather than hiding my belly.  Slendertone uses a system called Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which basically sends an electrical shock to your abs to make them contract and therefore exercise them. I have parted with £129.99 (including delivery) for the Women’s Premium Rechargeable Ab Belt and have read reviews that are mainly positive. There are 10 programmes, including Sports Pro Crunch, 7 passive and 3 active programmes to tone abs during exercise and 0-150 intensity levels for maximum power.


I plan to wear the belt 20 minutes a day (equivalent of 120 sit-ups), take 2 pram walks with baby Jay and of course eat better, tackling the 5 a day with the fantastic Nutribullet I purchased earlier this year.  I’ll have to crank up the intensity levels to stop myself from falling asleep wearing the belt!

Have you tried the Slendertone?

Thanks for reading.