Safer Sleep Week 2016


Last year I supported a campaign by The Lullaby Trust a charity that provides specialist support to bereaved families, promotes advice on safer baby sleep, and raises awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The second national campaign Safer Sleep Week is aimed at empowering parents letting them know that there are pro-active measures they can take to reduce the chances of SIDS.   I remember the term ‘Cot death’ was commonly used in the past but this has been abandoned as SIDS doesn’t just occur when a baby is asleep in their own cot. There is no advice that guarantees the prevention of SIDS but parents can follow safer sleep advice to significantly lower the chance of this tragedy occurring.

Sadly, SIDS affects around 270 babies and toddlers in the UK every year. This is why this campaign is really important. Around half of all UK mums co-sleep with their baby at some time after all is it one way to get more rest for part of the night or during the day especially if breastfeeding the baby.

Last year I met a mother who had tragically lost her baby to SIDS. I felt overwhelmingly sad and tearful as she told me about her devastating experience of losing her 4 month old.  No parent should have to face such a tragedy and suffer.  There are free online resources from The Lullaby Trust for information on a number of topics. Remember you can also talk to your midwife or health visitor if you have any questions.

Room  temperature




Bed sharing

My personal view is that as every baby is different it’s worth taking some time to be informed whatever you choose to do. Let us all keep our babies as safe as possible.

Please promote Safer Sleep Week on your social media feeds all week from 14-20th March 2016 using the hashtag #safersleepweek  it might just help in saving a life.

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*In collaboration with The Lullaby Trust