Lunchbox Love*


As mentioned in my New Year post I’m using positive thoughts and words to have a positive affect on my mental and physical health. However, I’d never really thought about applying this concept of encouraging children with kind words.

Enter Lunchbox Love for Kids from US based Say Please, with creative products designed to inspire your mini humans throughout the day with with jokes, fun trivia or positive messages. Each volume contains 12 cards and you can add a personal message to connect with the people you care about.


Although Jay isn’t old enough to appreciate these yet I was impressed with the words on each card. It’s a great way of connecting with those around you every day with ease and with a portion of the profits going to help feed hungry children what’s not to love?

Say Please was started by mummy friends and Judi Willard and Mary Fuller who wanted to make people feel good. They have come up with a number of different categories so that the cards can be enjoyed by all.  I like their approach:

Positive words can change someone’s day, a life, and eventually the world

I do feel that using positive words can help us develop a new attitude to ourselves and our situations and can’t wait to start using these with Jay when he’s at an impressionable age.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” 

Mother Teresa

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