Lordy Lordy I’m 40!


This Virgoan usually skips past birthday shenanigans but this year as I am possibly half way through my life I decided to try to do a couple of things to commemorate my 40th. I have been feeling fine about turning 40 because I think you are as old as you feel. I still haven’t grown up yet like Peter Pan I don’t think I ever will. However the older I get the quicker the years are flying by and I realise time isn’t waiting for anyone so if you want to do something …make it happen.

I’ve had so many wonderful birthday messages with friends some who have said they were the best years of their lives. The thing is I have thoroughly enjoyed my 30s because my big life events happened then and I don’t know if it can get any better than that. I’ve read those poke fun at growing old greetings cards the ones that tell you it’s all downhill from here with pictures of balding heads and saggy body parts. Then I come across the following Daily Mail article and I laughed and laughed some more.  In my opinion it’s all utter nonsense. Everybody is entitled to their opinion of course.

Quit wearing Bikinis at 40



This is my response William Hanson.

I may not be sipping cocktails on a beach and may still be lugging around my Milano Pacapod but the truth is I do love being an older mum because the baby we waited so long for is now an energetic loving toddler and life is never dull!  my energy levels aren’t quite the same as in my 20s or early 30s but whatever age you are when you become a parent you hope for the best in that you will be able to cope with the demands of parenthood and enjoy raising your children.

A few days before my actual birthday I was treated to a theatre show, Ghost The Musical.  Ever since I watched the classic film Ghost with Demi and Patrick in 1990 I was smitten. Mr M knows how much I am a fan of classic 80/90s films and booked a matinee performance. We had a great afternoon date it started with me feeling super hungry and literally running into Crepe Affaire before the matinee showing. I absolutely adore this place and then I managed a cheeky Nandos straight after. In the nearly eight years that we have known each other this was our first meal at Nandos. I enjoyed the performance despite it’s mixed reviews, and I thought Sarah Harding sang really well, despite her receiving mixed reviews.

img_6129This by a long shot has been my favourite of birthdays and fortunately it was the warmest in living memory. Mr M decided to also treat me to a stay at the beautiful grade 1 listed Great Fosters Hotel in Egham, Surrey and I had a relaxing time while our Jay bird who was as usual spoilt by my parents who even managed a successful Pre-school drop off without me. It’s been an emotional few weeks for me with Jay starting Pre-school and my anxiety at sky scraper levels.  Sunny weather however always makes things better and our drive to Great Fosters was fast and painless. The check in was quick and we were shown to our room. I do feel quite lucky to live in Surrey as quite often on our drives we do see some beautiful villages and of course the houses catch my eye. We headed to the outdoor heated pool area and as it was glorious sun filled day, I had a mini snooze on the sun lounger while Mr M used the pool to do the 50 lengths or whatever the number is. He convinced me to go in and I swiftly came right back out as I felt it wasn’t warm enough. It was at this point that I nearly fell out of my bikini in dramatic fashion as I tried to climb out of the pool rather un-elegantly.  Mr M was amused.





Before our belly bursting dinner we managed to take a walk around the picturesque grounds and the carefully manicured gardens. The gardener must be a perfectionist. May be he/she is a Virgo like me. Getting ready was fun I was glad to see and overly excited about the Molton Brown selection that was in the bathroom. I love their Pink Pepperpod body range  it smells divine! I wore a dress which I purchased from Lipsy back in May and went on to regret the fact that I didn’t wear elasticated trousers as  the food kept on coming.





Dinner took place in The Estate Grill and we had a lovely time chatting and laughing with lots of compliments from Mr M. He does love me.  The following morning 15th September I woke up at 6.00am and looked at my phone as the alarm went off to the sounds of the Earth, Wind & Fire classic ‘September’ one of my favourite tracks ever. My brother tells me this track always reminds him of the birth of his baby sister, shame his card wasn’t funny.



I was finally forty years old although technically not until 22.30 my time of birth. It feels good to kick-start another decade feeling a real sense of happiness of the wonderful things in my life. I spent the afternoon with my tribe.




So what’s a Mummy Blogger/Vlogger to treat herself to when it comes to a certain milestone? well feast your eyes on this  retro mango hardwood desk from Atkins & Thyme helping me to organise my day. I decided it was high time I took my work seriously so I’ve carved out a corner in the house and set up a home work space.


Desks usually mean lamps are necessary so here’s one from one of my favourite stores M&S. I’ve recently grown fond of pineapple designs and I think it’s a nice statement piece. The stylish Puerto Table Lamp fit the bill I thought.


I couldn’t resist this Life is Better when you’re Laughing print from English fashion and beauty vlogger, blogger, make-up artist and author Tanya Burr. Laughter is the best medicine after all.


This brings me onto the subject of you’re never too old to learn something new and more recently for me it was the art of  candle making. I’m a bona fide chandler now that’s right (Candlestick maker).  Mr M drove me to South East London one Saturday where I spent the day learning the very skill of creating these marvellous things. This was a great experience but I’ve got a long way to go to reach Jo Malone status.


I was kindly gifted with stunning roses from my beautiful friend Anna and flowers from my wonderful neighbours and this stunning Pandora bracelet from my life long childhood friend Nina.



I see no problem with looking, or feeling forty. Simply because forty is what you make of it. I am vibrant and most of the time happy and healthy.  Becoming a mother for the first time at thirty eight has been so good for me despite the anxiety issues since then  I feel really lucky to have this responsibility being ‘mum’.

unnamed-90 unnamed-91

Sadly I have been hit with a personal event that reminds me how bitter-sweet life can be.  I have experienced a major low since turning forty miscarrying at nine and half weeks. This left Mark and I truly heartbroken as up until two weeks after my birthday life was simply perfect. I am writing a personal post on this and currently filming a video which will be on my YouTube Channel soon.

I’ve noticed that humans are in a cycle of never-ending changes, and it’s about possessing the ability to adapt to those changes and not be frightened by them. I know that I still have so much love to give and so much to still learn about myself. A close friend said to me during my sadness that I am equipped to handle the hand I’ve been dealt and to dust off my knees and start believing in my resiliency.

But I will remember my celebratory week mostly because I felt the love and warmth of my wonderful family and friends. I smiled a lot celebrating the 19th anniversary of my 21st birthday. I won’t regret growing older as it’s a privilege denied to many.


 Thanks as ever to all that read my blog and you can catch my Birthday Vlog here,  I really do love what I do.