Leightons Eye OCT Scan Review

I’ve spent most of the last year focusing on my health and fitness. Just like the rest of the body, eye health is impacted by your lifestyle, eating habits, exercise that kind of thing.  When your vision is not good it will affect your quality of life.  The eyes are the windows to the body or the gateway to our souls as I’ve heard people say many of times. They are the only place where the blood vessels can be viewed in their natural state without a surgical procedure.

I try not to take my sight for granted.  My brother Bakul had a cornea transplant in his late teens and this always made me wary of vision care and paying attention to any changes in my vision. I am now 41 and I know my sight has over the years deteriorated  mainly due to working in offices staring at screens and then screen time at home and lets not talk about the time spent looking at my iphone. Opticians recommend that most people have an eye test at least every 2 years or sooner if concerned about vision.

I was kindly invited by Leightons Opticians and Hearing Care  to have a revolutionary eye test which included retinal photography and an OCT scan. The scan provides 3D views of the retina and the ability to detect eye conditions up to five years earlier than a normal test offered by some opticians. It’s clear that Leightons are passionate about the care of their customers as an independent business which started in 1928 family-owned and family-run. The team I visited at the Sutton Branch in Surrey were very good at explaining the scan which is very much like how an MRI scan would work for the rest of the body. During an OCT scan nothing touches your eye and it is completely painless. The scan literally takes a few seconds and displays 3D scans of at least 6 layers of your retina. The detail is incredible viewing 3D high-definition scans of the front and back of your eyes, a definite first for me. This is one of my eye balls!

I was really impressed with the detail of the images which go far beneath the surface of the retina. The Optical Coherence Tomographer saves the images and these can be compared to future scans  to check if anything has changed. Thankfully my eyes are doing well and currently no concerns which is so reassuring. The 3D imagery that can be used to detect very small changes earlier than using a traditional ophthalmoscope or standard retinal photography.   These ultra-advanced methods of testing helps detect issues like glaucoma, macular degeneration and even diabetes up to 5 years before normal testing.

The OCT screening generates a series of 3D High Definition (HD) scans – just like mine below:

Leightons Opticians & Hearing Care offers a free hearing test at all its branches, I was also offered a test something I used to feel was not necessary as I am not in my later years! but hearing is just as valuable as sight and needs to be monitored even from a young age. Each branch at Leightons will also have a fully  trained Hearing Aid Audiologist which definitely is a good thing and after a short test I was happy to learn all was ok on that front too.

Self-care is so important to me.  I consider taking care of my vision, self-care.  Take the time to make sure you go for routine appointments and I highly recommend having an OCT scan alongside your regular eye test.  Leightons Ultimate Eye Examination costs £69.

I have to admit I wasn’t even aware that such cutting edge photography existed. The choices we make today about our eye care will definitely affect the way we live as we age. Once your vision is gone it is gone forever. Thank you to Polly at 3WhiteHats for arranging this for me and to Michael, Bablu, Julie and Suzanne at the friendly Sutton branch for your useful advice. I had such a lovely morning learning about eye health.

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*I was invited to have the Leightons Ultimate Eye Examination free of charge for an honest review.