Juiven8 Protein Fruit Juice



Becoming a mum has certainly been a shock to the system, a nice shock of course but as a ‘mature mum’ my energy levels aren’t as great as they used to be but I can change that of course and determined to do just that! I was able to lose my baby weight very quickly and I know eating a healthy diet is important now more that ever being a busy mum. There are of course days that are complete right offs running on empty for one reason or another but if anything I do like to stay hydrated.

I recently had the opportunity to try the UK’s first ready to drink Protein Fruit Juice which arrived in a smart cooler bag. Juiven8 is blended with coconut water, real fruit and fruit juice so is not milk based and is therefore naturally low in fat containing 12g of whey protein in each 250ml bottle. Juiven8 is new to the market and has been formulated with active people in mind ready to drink in the gym or on the go.


The RRP is £3.95 a bottle making it a premium fitness drink but buying in packs online is where savings can be made.  The two available flavours are Mango mixed with Pineapple and secondly Blackcurrant with Acai. My personal favourite is mango it felt like I was drinking a smoothie but not as thick and although there is a tiny amount of stevia which is a natural sweetener it didn’t have a  metallic after taste which some protein drinks have.

Both flavours provide an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants and I didn’t snack as much between meals keeping my grumbling tummy at bay! I can see how these drinks could help support weight loss and weight management and although I belong to no gym looking after a baby is a workout in itself  so using healthy drinks can help give that much needed boost of energy.


If you fancy trying Juiven8 a 10% discount is available off all products until 1st December using code V9CRD4DM7LW1

 This can be used in conjunction with the current offer of free shipping on packs of 12 or more.

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Healthy drinking and thanks for reading!



Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of Juiven8 to review and all opinions are my own.