Jay Jingles




Our first family Christmas with baby Jay Jingles has been heart-warmingly lovely even with me being beaten up by the flu a week prior to the day. I somehow managed to paint my face and make myself presentable in my Chrimbo jumper.


I hope you all had a wonderful time enjoying the festivities. I love the build up to Christmas and think it’s a great time to catch up with family and friends and really unwind. I really didn’t know what to buy for Jay he’s still too young to understand what Christmas is all about. I  wanted to give him a little something from mummy to son so a new comforter it was and thankfully he adores his personalised gift which I bought from My 1st Years.


We went to my in-laws for the day and ate a cracking meal. Jay sat in his high chair at the head of the table with Grandad Peter and seemed to take in the spirit of it all.  This year was also extra special as he was joined by his baby cousin Evelyn Alice (the most chilled out baby I know).

His Christmas presents haul was pretty impressive from generous family and friends including ‘every little helps’ Tesco who kindly sent him a Vtech music centre stand.


We’ve watched black and white classic films as well as some colour ones too curled up on the sofas with blankets, opening the Quality Streets tin of  delights, consuming copious amounts of alcohol calories. I would say that 2014 has by far been my favourite year. Not sure whether it can be pushed off the top spot as becoming a mum after what seems like an eternity is pretty special. Although I am well aware of the phrase “never say never”.

2014 was also the year I got to enjoy the house that I bought with Mr M, the year I started this blog, and I officially became a stay at home mummy on 31st December hooray! leaving the London rat race for now at least. I won’t miss my daily 3 hours of commuting that’s for sure.


Mandatory Family Pic


Baby Bella’s First Christmas

I have a feeling this will be the start of many more magical Christmases.

Wishing you all a marvellous 2015!


A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.