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Health is Wealth right? I certainly think so and so does JF Rabbit the “Mad Rabbit Professor”.

Although we are constantly told to cut out sugar from our diets let’s face it fruity sugary drinks are everywhere whether the sugars you drink come from fruit juice, smoothies, fizzy drinks, or even alcohol. Liquid fructose sugar is dangerous for our health. There doesn’t appear to be many pushing for more veg based beverages but thankfully Felix and James the founders of J.F. Rabbit’s Veg Water are working to change just that.


I was keen to review JF Rabbit’s Veg Water which launched this summer 2016 and comes in three delicious flavours; Cucumber, Ginger and Beetroot. All 100% natural and under 10kcal per bottle and not a sugar granule in sight just the natural sugars from the veg. I have cut back on my sugar intake in a big way. Ever since I developed Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy with Jay I’ve had to be much more sensible about my eating and drinking habits. Fortunately I was able to diet control and did not have to take any medication but I do find I am much more conscious of what I consume.


Let me begin by saying how cute I thought the packaging was when it arrived and my little note which made me smile.  I love drinking water so I couldn’t wait to try these drinks in bottles which are recyclable by the way.



As much as I do like vegetables I am not a fan of eating cucumbers just don’t like them like those silly videos of cats genuinely frightened of cucumbers! YouTube it to see what I mean.  The odd thing is that I like drinking water infused with cucumber slices??. This drink tasted just how I expected so I did enjoy it particularly as it was a scorching hot day and this just hit the spot really refreshing and cooling.



This was a tad difficult to drink but after a few sips I was fine. It was very earthy in taste and I’m not sure why I expected it to have some sweetness. It’s goodness in a bottle and on a warm day it was good to get into the system.




I love ginger so this was my favourite and it had a warmth to it but don’t expect it to taste like ginger beer or ginger ale. It is simply a mix of water and ginger.




If you go on to try these drinks I think you’ll be surprised at the fact that they aren’t sweet at all even with the natural sugars. I instantly pulled a face drinking the ginger and beetroot drinks and this made me realise just how much sugar there usually is in soft drinks that I am used to.  I definitely would say give these a try to see for yourself and try and make a healthy swap.  I think I would struggle to drink these in the colder months of the year but that’s not to say I would never try them again. I for one think it’s a brilliant concept.  Sugars are overloading our livers and leading to health issues such as heart problems, diabetes and obesity, which affect our quality of life. I think we owe it to ourselves to look after our bodies and consider alternative options.

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