First Haircut


Jay graduated from babyhood with his first haircut Tuesday 16th March and whilst I love watching him growing up, this week in particular I have been a tad emotional in noticing that he is becoming an independent toddler wanting to do things himself.

Our lovely neighbour Damien who just happens to be a fab hairdresser kindly treated Jay in the comfort of our own home and there were no falling tears….just little snippets of hair.


A couple of things happened before Jay had his new hair do. For starters ‘he’ often gets mistaken for a little ‘she’ and some days he would wake up with some funky 80’s style mohawk which actually looked cool but wasn’t practical.


Once his hair started to creep close to his eyes the decision was made to I did try a mini role play hair salon visit by popping him in a chair and wrapping a small blanket around his shoulders using my fingers to mimic the experience and he didn’t seem to mind so in the morning after Jay’s nap and feed, Damien came over and was really lovely and relaxed speaking to Jay which helped.


Jay sat relatively still but I had some distractions ready just in case. I now have a zip lock bag with hair from his first haircut which I will place in his time capsule which I started putting together on his birthday.

Do you remember your first haircut? not many do and I certainly didn’t but then who can blame me after all I was only 5 months old and had a full mop of hair. My mum tells me that she took me to the salon where I had my hair cut to the sounds of Staying Alive which had just been released playing on the radio in 1977 and to this day we are still in touch with the same hairdresser Tina.

Thanks for reading!