Personalised Christmas Gifts with Snapfish*


‘Tis the season to be jolly and in case you didn’t know already I’m a huge fan of personalised Christmas and photo gifts. I’ve teamed up with one of my favourites Snapfish  for some gift ideas to get those stockings filled with treats. I love gifts that can be given that personal touch probably more so since becoming a parent as let’s face it we take loads of photos of our every day moments with children. We all have our favourite snaps that are often left on our mobiles and laptops and I have always been a fan of personalised gifts to create something unique, and something unforgettable.

When those big occasions come up we don’t want to be the ones throwing down some gift that we got at the last minute, without giving any thought to who it’s for. I know how nice it is to receive a gift that touches your heart and makes you happy every time you look at it. If you haven’t ordered personalised gifts before take a look at the ones on offer at Snapfish. There is quite a bit to choose from and with Christmas so close there is still time to get creating!


Christmas trees are incredibly special and part of the magic of the festive season is decorating with ornaments that become keepsakes. Little photo pieces  like this are wonderful reminders of the special people in your life.

Photo Mug


Personalised mugs are useful gifts as they’re likely to be used daily and will brighten up any tea or coffee break. I love how mug-nificent they are! (that’s awful I know). We all drink from mugs right? so a gift you know that will be used and won’t be sitting around collecting dust.

Wall Calendars



I enjoyed creating this photo kitchen calendar perfect as a stocking filler gift. I have to say these days I sometimes forget what day it is so a nice photo reminder is perfect to keep on track and hopefully remind you of those all important dates.

Phone Casesiphones-1140x1140-uk-20160218

Most people I know own a mobile phone these days, I have seen some really wonderful cases out and about. Keeping photo memories close and quite literally in your hand.

Say it better with a thoughtful personalised present and check out Snapfish on:

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*Thank you Snapfish for the credit to help facilitate this review. My opinions are 100% honest and my own.

BeerBods For Father’s Day


How about a gift subscription with a difference and quite possibly the best Father’s day gift ever! 

I’m not sure why I’ve never come across Beer Clubs as I’m aware of Wine Clubs. Here is a quirky present idea for the Beer enthusiast in your life. Have you heard of BeerBods? Well for starters I love a good start up story and what better than a few friends drinking in a shed coming up with a popular subscription service and the rest I guess is history!

With Father’s day approaching Sunday 19th June (yes it’s that time of the year again) I wanted to let you know about this fabulous online beer club supplying a mix of ales, lagers, porters and stouts with reasonable subscription fees.


A beer is announced each week via Social media or through BeerBods and they’ll tell you the story behind the beer, as you drink it. The beer supplied is made by small independent breweries and at 9pm  every Thursday if you are still awake there is a live tasting through social media where drinkers can share their thoughts and opinions on the beer of the week. There are dozens if not hundreds of brewing styles and no doubt a great topic to tweet about if you like that sort of thing. #beerbods.


You pay £36 every 12 weeks | 12 beers or £70 for 24 weeks | £135 for 48 weeks.

The lucky receiver gets a gift certificate via email or post with a website link and a code to redeem their subscription online and then wait for the goodies to be posted. The tricky bit is not drinking it all at once!

In 2013 BeerBods was voted “one of the 100 most innovative, disruptive and resourceful small businesses” in the UK.

If you know an Ace Dad -Make it a Father’s day to remember.

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Drink Happily (but responsibly!)

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*I was sent a complimentary Gift Certificate for the subscription. All opinions are my own.

Safer Sleep Week 2016


Last year I supported a campaign by The Lullaby Trust a charity that provides specialist support to bereaved families, promotes advice on safer baby sleep, and raises awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The second national campaign Safer Sleep Week is aimed at empowering parents letting them know that there are pro-active measures they can take to reduce the chances of SIDS.   I remember the term ‘Cot death’ was commonly used in the past but this has been abandoned as SIDS doesn’t just occur when a baby is asleep in their own cot. There is no advice that guarantees the prevention of SIDS but parents can follow safer sleep advice to significantly lower the chance of this tragedy occurring.

Sadly, SIDS affects around 270 babies and toddlers in the UK every year. This is why this campaign is really important. Around half of all UK mums co-sleep with their baby at some time after all is it one way to get more rest for part of the night or during the day especially if breastfeeding the baby.

Last year I met a mother who had tragically lost her baby to SIDS. I felt overwhelmingly sad and tearful as she told me about her devastating experience of losing her 4 month old.  No parent should have to face such a tragedy and suffer.  There are free online resources from The Lullaby Trust for information on a number of topics. Remember you can also talk to your midwife or health visitor if you have any questions.

Room  temperature




Bed sharing

My personal view is that as every baby is different it’s worth taking some time to be informed whatever you choose to do. Let us all keep our babies as safe as possible.

Please promote Safer Sleep Week on your social media feeds all week from 14-20th March 2016 using the hashtag #safersleepweek  it might just help in saving a life.

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*In collaboration with The Lullaby Trust

Guest Post – How Much Screen Time Is OK?


Your child’s vision will not deteriorate from reading or staring at the screen. The lens of your kid’s eye cannot be altered by the screen (WebMD, Computer Vision Syndrome). However, other things can happen. Your kid can become easily tired, obese or even aggressive. They can develop headaches and even insomnia as a result of too much screen time. Answering this question with a simple number is not easy because it involves a lot of factors. Here are the things to consider once you decide to do something about the time your child spends gazing at a screen.

Your Child’s Age

The crucial age when it comes to deciding on a decent amount of screen time is the age of two. Before turning two, your child should not be exposed to screens. They are too small to understand what is coming from the screen, so the benefits are really reduced. On the other hand, it can hurt their sleeping pattern or exhaust the muscles of their eyes. Therefore, before the age of two, forget about leaving your kid in front of TV or a computer. Even when they turn two, sitting in front of a tablet or your flat screen should not exceed two hours during the day. Increase that number of hours with your kids age only if it involves quality content.

The Quality of the Screen Time

It is very wrong to say that any type of screen time is a bad thing. There are many benefits that your child can gain by using things like computer, smartphone or tablet. The obvious thing is that by introducing these devices into a kid’s life, you are helping them become a digital native. Besides that, there are many amazing apps, programs and different types of content that cater to your kid’s inquisitive mind and its type of intelligence. It allows your young one to learn in a fun way.


Things You Can Do

Do not try to make your child’s life screen-free. It is not a solution and it will not do your kid any good. However, you can make sure that the time it spends in front of a screen is of high quality. A lot of child care centres implement educational technologies into their daily programs. Different educational authorities like British Council or Cambridge University Press offer a lot of online games and courses that children can use to develop their language skills, among the others.

The Types of Screens and Devices

It is the entirely different thing if your child reads from a paper or from the screen. The issue with the screens is that radiates light and flickers. However, not all screens are bad for your eyes. There are those advanced screens that block the radiation or have a high refresh rate. That means that the flicker is reduced to a minimum. When purchasing a device that your little one will be exposed to, make sure that it is of high quality. This goes for TVs, monitors, tablets and smartphones, respectively.

Modern gadgets and devices are a part of our everyday life. It will become even more integral part of the lives or our children. Therefore, denying them the right to learn how to use those gadgets responsibly is not the answer. The best you can do is to teach children to look at the screen only if a quality content is in question. Also, it is great if they can combine the screen time with some sort of physical activity, like singing, dancing or miming sport movements. Screens are not your enemy, they are the tools to make your kid smarter and happier.

About the author

Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques, and if you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death.

Blaze On Fairy Lights*



I would quite happily adorn every room in my home with fairy lights all year round because they give such a warm cosy glow with a touch of whimsy.  Nigella loves them in that pretty kitchen we see on TV (Plus I have ‘kitchen pantry’ envy) and if it wasn’t for my 80s style kitchen I would probably decorate my cooking space in the same manner.


I have become the proud owner of these beauties from Blaze On which is a Company I’m genuinely fond of. They also have a Flagship store which can be found at Camden Lock which I would like to visit someday. I admire how the Company use ethically sourced materials and work with home-run businesses in Thailand.


I would love to see more fairy lights in homes everywhere as they really bring that magical atmosphere at the flick of a switch. Some of you may know I have reviewed Blaze On Fairy lights before so feel free to take a read about that here which also includes ways to use fairy lights in the home.


The latest box arrived really quickly and as I started opening it I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. For a start the packaging is colourful and bright. Jay and I even had a little tussle over the box, in the end we shook hands and had a cuddle and I was allowed to continue with opening the packaging.


The parcel also included beautiful handpoured Tea Lights Pink Assorted priced at £6.95. I lit them altogether in a bunch as a show piece and when lit they filled the room with a petal fragrance. I am a huge candle-holic and these really are beautiful. They also come in a range of colours but pink is always a winner with me.


I was sent the Chelsea Rose Summers Bouquet-20 Lamps priced at £31.90 which upon opening felt like I was receiving a blooming bouquet. The colourful vibrant roses are made of translucent paper and the petals can be opened out but I like the roses shaped as they are. They do emit a soft glow and bring instant ambience. The 20 lamps are on a 3 metre LED string plus 2 metre lead for easy plug access. Mine have a mains adapt



Overall I like the variety of collections offered by Blaze On and the quality is great. This set might just end up being shown off in my kitchen after all!

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*I was sent these lights and tea lights to review free of charge. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.