Channel Mum|Pan Macmillan Easter Afternoon Tea


Channel Mum kindly invited lots of mummies and their little humans to an Easter Vlogger event with award winning publisher Pan Macmillan. Another treat came by way of a delicious afternoon tea from the fabulous London Pop up Little Nan’s (best scones ever!). It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the atmosphere is from start to finish at Channel Mum events.  As I am a newbie to the Vlogging World I also had the opportunity to meet with Spirit who are experts in the field of digital media. Vloggers are fast becoming invaluable media tools for leading brands. Not only do they gain a large-scale reach and appeal to demographics which traditional media may not engage, they also build direct relationships with followers and have a more specialised interest.


As I do follow this Digi generation I find it fascinating seeing so many successful parent vloggers showcasing creative ideas and sharing their knowledge.  I picked up some useful pointers from talking to Spirit like getting to know your camera, experimenting and changing the aperture for instance and recognising the effects different apertures will have on the end-result image. Well there’s a lot more to it of course all part of the learning curve.


That afternoon at The Driver in London we walked into a beautiful setting of pretty decorated tables.  We all had the opportunity to check out some fabulous books from the wonderful Macmillan Kids range who I have t0 thank also for spoiling us with delightful goodie bags.  Jay couldn’t wait to grab the books out of my hands when I returned home that evening.




I would have liked to have brought him with me to mingle too but decided against it due to the super early start travelling with the cheerful London Commuters.  Instead he spent the day out and about with his grandparents and didn’t miss me at all. The Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler books are incredibly popular at Along Came Jay HQ so these have been a real treat to read to Jay.


Thankfully the sun shined all day which is sadly not the case now as I type this. In true British style it will be a wash-out Easter weekend.

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Joining the Channel Mum Team!


Be ready when opportunity knocks is what my mum always tells me. So when my most recent opportunity arrived I opened the door and seized it (or rather took a mobile call from the lovely Cathy Ranson).  I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been selected to join Channel Mum as a sponsored vlogger.

I’m still slightly shell shocked to be honest as I hear there were hundreds of applications. I’m certainly happy to join this community that is going from strength to strength as I’ve followed and admired  Channel Mum since it launched at the start of 2015.  It was my go to point of reference when I needed some information on parenting especially on those days when I felt a bit lost.


Founded by Siobhan Freegard OBE who also co-founded the UK’s biggest parenting Website Netmums, Channel Mum is the UK’s first Youtube Network for mums. It’s all about the authentic face of parenting offering advice, tips, hacks and information on various aspects of raising small humans or at whatever stage of parenting you may be.  I might be just a tad older than ‘the millennial mother’ which was one of the reason’s this channel was launched but I’m determined to  contribute with my own personal experience of being mum to Jay so far. Over a million UK mums use YouTube each month which is why parent vloggers are incredibly important in sharing information.


Last month the newbies joined the many mums from the Channel Mum team for the inaugural Channel Mum #MumVidCon together with ITV who have a minority stake in the business.  It almost felt like we’d taken over the foyer at the funky YouTube Space London offices where we all met.  It was pretty loud! but definitely showed how energised the atmosphere was which did great things for my soul.

This event brought together mummy vloggers from all over the UK and we were given great advice by all of the speakers to help us give our honest stories to the public.

I can also say that I’ve met this man in person and he was very nice

We heard from various speakers including wonderful Siobhan! Steve Nuttall Senior Director for YouTube Content Partnerships in EMEA, Founder and MD, Nick Yeeles of Peg, Sally Russell OBE, Chair of the Institute of Health Visitors, the lovely Kate Murnane (who I’m a huge fan of) from DollyBowBow & Channel Mum Ambassador, and Paul Kanareck Director of Online and Brands at ITV. Rohan Gunatillake, creator of the award-winning mindfulness app Buddhify showed us how mindfulness can complement our modern lives whilst interacting with technology and offered practical guidance and portable exercises to tackle anxiety problems.


Spirit a brilliant digital media agency facilitated an interactive workshop on all things YouTube and provided takeouts from the day to help us navigate through this global digital platform. The event ended with an evening of food and cocktails in Soho amongst brilliant company with a lovely goody bag to take home.


I hope you will join me as I start this exciting project. I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or questions on what you’d like me to feature on my YouTube Channel.  Of course I still love writing and will carry on with my blog content that I’m so passionate about.  I do feel incredibly lucky to be involved in something that has made a big difference already reaching mums all over the Country.  I’ve been warmly welcomed by the mums who are already a part of this Powerhouse that inspired me to apply in the first instance. Thank you ladies …

….but don’t just take my word for it go and see for yourselves.

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