Proceive the UK’s most advanced fertility supplement*

Trying for a baby? How can you give you and your partner the best chance to conceive. Taking the decision to start a family can be an exciting time for a couple but sadly infertility can cause an unsettling time due to problems either as a result of poor quality sperm or problems with ovulation. I know first hand how emotionally difficult it can be to face the roller coaster that is infertility. Fortunately my rainbow arrived in 2014 after a number of years battling the big “I” due to PCOS. I make no secret how challenging it is for those of you who have read my blog will know the struggles I faced. Of course there is no guarantee to most things in life but I am a strong believer in taking a preconception supplement to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

According to the NHS around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving. This is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK. You’re more likely to get pregnant if you and your partner are both in good health. Making some changes to your lifestyle may improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy.  A new study has sparked fresh fears over the future of male fertility, as scientists find male sperm quality is falling. Fertility clinics found that the number of moving sperm found in men’s samples is dropping by as much as 1.8 per cent every year. Meanwhile, another study found that male fertility is declining in five out of six US cities, reports The Daily Mail.

It can be difficult to get all the nutrients you need from your diet in today’s busy world. Proceive is a range of scientifically formulated fertility supplements for men and women trying for a baby. Proceive is designed to support nutritional needs of the body. It provides the most comprehensive formulations including amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Proceive’s Health Nutritionist Gaye Godkin recommends couples trying to conceive make a  conscious decision to eat a healthy balance diet. The good news is Gaye suggests lots of tasty foods including dark chocolate (in moderation!), a great antioxidant.

Men have to produce between 40 and 300 million sperm cells to be fertile. This is an intensive process and the energy involved in creating these cells is significant.  Getting the environment right and developing good quality sperm cells are a key factor when trying for a baby. A deficiency in any nutrient may have an impact on male fertility.

The Proceive range consists of five fertility and preconception nutritional supplements:

Proceive Women is designed to support the female reproductive system and provide the
nutrients which are scientifically shown to help play a vital role in supporting the hormonal
system and the development of quality egg cells. RRP. £24.95.

Proceive Women Max contains 33 vitamins and minerals and is designed for women over
35 years of age or women over 18, who have been trying for a baby for 12 months or more.
RRP. £49.95

Proceive Dual Pack for him and her the PROCEIVE WOMEN’S pack and the PROCEIVE
MEN’S pack RRP £44.95.

Proceive Men is designed to help support the nutritional demands of the male reproductive
system. Key benefits of Proceive Men include healthy sperm support, energy support,
antioxidant supports and blood flow support. RRP. £24.95.

Proceive Men Max contains 33 vitamins and minerals for men and is designed for men over
40 or any men over 18 years of age who have been trying for a baby for 12 months or more.
RRP. £49.95

So if you are hoping to start a family of your own I wish you the best of luck and wish you a healthy, smooth pregnancy. A supplement like Proceive could make all the difference. Be sure to check with your GP should you wish to take it.


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*I was sent the Proceive supplements range and all opinions are 100% my own.

The Milky Tee Company*

Last year I attended a work event and a friend of mine Lauren was wearing a tee that basically made me do a double take. Lauren was chatting to a group of friends and I joined the conversation to discover that this clever lady had designed the tee herself with the help of her mother-in-law. Not only that but it was even more of a surprise when she showed me that there were hidden zips on each side just under the armpits to allow easy access for breastfeeding or expressing.

You’ve got to admit that is a clever design! Lauren kindly sent me a tee of my choice for an honest review (she is so sweet) and she genuinely has spent a lot of time and effort into starting a business alongside being a busy mum to two beautiful young girls.

Most of you who know me will know that I don’t have a breastfeeding baby but I wanted to write about this innovative design as I know many mums who would benefit from this.  I ordered a t-shirt in small as I am a UK size 8-10 and I like the fact that they are longer in length than the average 68cm meaning they won’t ride up while feeding and can also be worn over leggings or jeans.

Even if you’re not a mum you may know someone who would love a tee like this.  They are made from 100% cotton, EKO-TEX® certified, meaning the material doesn’t contain any harmful substances and is safe for even delicate skin. In fact I wear mine because I love the design and how comfortable and soft it feels against the skin. I’ve received compliments each time I wear it and there is usually a fun surprising reaction when I explain the design. I really wish this was available when I was breastfeeding Jay as I used to struggle especially with finding tops that were practical and comfortable. This Love tee retails at £29.99 with free UK shipping over £50.  Do look out for flash sales often advertised on Instagram linked below.  I highly recommend this wonderful and fun collection of Milky Tees available in different designs. I love the slogans all which parents can relate to!


Recently Lauren decided to launch the same tees in black which again are gorgeous and really stand out. I can see them being a huge success. I genuinely hand on heart think this is an item of clothing worth investing in. I wear mine for the fashion aspect and I think that is totally okay.  Please do share this blog post with anyone who you think would benefit from this item of clothing. I highly recommend The Milky Tee Company, good quality clothing and I really wish Lauren continued success. Every business starts with an idea and I’ve a lot of respect for Lauren who is one of the kindest people I know wanting to help mums make life that little bit easier.


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The Power of Affirmations


The first year of motherhood is just so ridiculously difficult as any mum will tell you.  This morning I looked at myself in the mirror with my every growing dark circles staring back at me that have clearly gone beyond the point of no return.  I often have flashbacks to my early thirties the pre-baby days when I had time to apply face masks and take long soaks in the bath, co-ordinate outfits not to mention the toilet breaks without an audience.



You get the gist some weeks are tougher than others and it’s hard work that requires well honed management skills, only you don’t get paid for it. It’s “rewarding” people say and there is of course truth in that but I wish we could also be quite honest in saying that some days we just want to run away and drink champagne all day.


Nearly three years on I believe the best gift you can give to everyone around you (especially your children and your other half if you have one) is the gift of caring for yourself. Easier said than done of course but the reality of motherhood is that you can only share as much love and nurturing as you yourself are receiving.  It is essential that all mothers ask for help and support on a regular basis in order to replenish themselves and to build up their reserves of energy. I have only just got to the point where I have started to do that.



I write this post not to criticise my 32 months old son because after all he is the reason I love getting up in the mornings and the middle of the night. I am very lucky he is here. Whether you’re a young or an older mum like me watching our little people grow up in front of our very eyes is a privilege. I write this post for the all the hardworking caring parents out there who do their very best daily to raise their mini humans and deserve praise, keep up the good work people and banish those motherhood guilt feelings that have a habit  of creeping up on us.


At the beginning of this year I wrote about how I started my day reading statements to help my mood. Affirmations are simple, clear and direct declarations that we say to ourselves in order to achieve change in different areas of life. Developing a powerful positive mindset can be hard when you are an exhausted parent. For example the last two weeks have been intense I have looked after my son who has been  poorly and then I sure enough succumbed to the lurgy which meant it was a code red disaster how on earth was I going to cope with everything but of course I did.  It’s all experience ultimately but can’t say I learnt anything new.

Then a nice thing happened.  A beautiful friend of mine called Stacey a fellow Channel Mum Vlogger sent me a gift totally out of the blue on a day when I also received a £55 parking ticket. In the box were these brilliant Yes Mum cards designed by Hollie De Cruz retailing at £10.50.  I was so impressed hence why I’m writing this to urge any parent to get a set or to treat someone to them. There are plenty of other options available too depending on the person and their situation. I do suffer from post natal anxiety and I wrote a blog post called New Year Goals I referred to how carefully constructed statements “rewire” our brains to break negative thought patterns.  Why bother with doing this you may ask the process may seem silly if you’re new to it but the idea is to push negativity and self-doubt away and affirm to ourselves that things are good even if we don’t necessarily feel that way at the time.

If you are reading this and feel like you are in a bit of a lull and need to re-energise your mental state of mind I urge you to try these. I take a card each morning and place it where I will keep seeing it throughout the day. Life isn’t always plain sailing as we know and even the most positive minded people will need a boost from time to time.  I am well aware that there will be sceptics who say this is all mumbo jumbo and everyone is entitled to their opinions of course. This is a small exercise in my view that doesn’t hurt anyone and worth trying, even for me?….pretty please?

Would love to hear from you on this subject.

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Keep up the good work!





March Forward it’s Birthday Number 2


I woke up on Saturday 5th March 2016 after a full night’s sleep which felt like a major victory and then went to see my little boy who’s name funnily enough means ‘Victorious’ in Sanskrit.

My little Jay bird is 2 years old!


I banished the hideous labour memories to the back of my mind and took a moment to remind myself how far we’d both come.  He gave me a lovely smile as I walked into his room almost as though he knew the day was a little bit more special. I was treated to a rendition of his favourite nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ and we both went downstairs to have breakfast. My parents had flown in from California the day before and showered him with kisses and cuddles


This year we decided to have a much smaller birthday bash no where near 30 people like last year. As our mini space cadet is rocket mad I had decorated the house the night before.  I’ve come to realise that I really do love party decorations.  If I could I would have the house permanently adorned in party mode!


To hear Jay say “Wow look at that amazing!” as he walked into our lounge made me go all weak at the knees. The helium balloons were a hit as well as the party wall banner with the dangling planets. He probably won’t remember any of this but I wanted to do something nice for him as well as celebrate with my immediate family. My mum-in-law kindly made a rocket cake for Jay which sadly suffered some mechanical problems in transit but I still thought it looked fine, it tasted even better.


As far as dressing for the party I was torn between wearing a pretty dress but then opted for us all to match. Both Mr M and I wore T-shirts from the Samuel Oshin Space Centre in California and Master Jay was dressed in his rocket print shirt from M&S and red trousers.


When everyone had arrived sadly Jay wasn’t in the the best of moods and decided he didn’t like us all singing “Happy Birthday” to him which led to tears. Perhaps it was our singing. Perhaps he wanted to watch the NASA rocket launches on YouTube that he is so fond of.  Once Jay had simmered down he started warming up to the atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed opening his presents.


I know I’m not alone in saying that children are sponges absorbing information around them.  I am really stunned by how much he remembers. My little newborn that caught me off guard and arrived early in 2014 is stringing words together often telling me when he wants to go outside and play and when he’s done a poo. (Let the Potty Training Summer Planning commence).


I think his generation perhaps learn quicker with the advancement of technology. In other words I have YouTube to partly thank as he is comfortable reciting shapes, colours, letters, days of the week, and numbers up to 20. May be that’s pretty normal by today’s standards I really don’t know, but it’s fascinating to me. There was certainly no way I knew those things before the age of 2. But with the good comes the not so good and sadly his eating habits is where it has been incredibly tough. The photo below is rare he actually finished his dinner on this one occasion.


Most of the time he takes no interest in food.  I’ve been told that babies that have had severe reflux struggle with certain textures. That obviously makes me sad for him and as frustrating as this situation is I hope this will change over the year and he will be swayed to try more foods other than beige coloured ones with the exception of kale and apples which have miraculously made the cut.

Being a stay at home parent is of course relentless and yes I feel the mummy guilt and wish I could do more for Jay taking him to new places and trying new activities amongst all the other daily chores. I am trying my best to show him lots of crafts and creative play too and attend classes with him, he loves painting.


He will be starting Pre-school later this year (gulp) it will be good for him and for me too.  He is lucky to have immense love from all of his grandparents, whom he adores being with and is a kind boy making us laugh with the silly things he says and does.  Thank goodness he loves animals and is very gentle with them.





Whether Mr M and I we will be blessed with another Rainbow baby remains to be seen which is why we are making the most of the moments we have with Jay celebrating his milestones.  I’m just so glad Jay chose me to be his:

‘The Mummy”

and that’s good enough for me.

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My Motherhood Identity


“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”


I came across the above quote recently reading a magazine and after a particularly exhausting month of caring for a teething toddler it got me thinking about how becoming Jay’s mother has meant my role in the World has changed. I’m trying to learn to navigate not just the logistics of life with an almost 18 month old but a new emotional terrain.

3 months

I can’t obviously wear the experienced mother’s hat yet as it’s still the beginning and I feel unbelievably lucky to have carried Jay to full term even after suffering a miscarriage and dealing with infertility issues.  Looking after a newborn with severe reflux though was mighty tough but that stage passed after 10 months.  Looking after a toddler who has been teething from 3 months old has been challenging to say the least but parenthood is a roller coaster from extreme highs to the lows.


The Early Morning Days

I don’t want to wish this time away but sometimes I have moments where I do miss aspects of my old life.  I wonder when I will get to replace the changing bag with a pretty handbag again or accept an invitation at short notice and get my glad rags on and spend more than 5 minutes painting my face. While I have come to terms with the things I have had to give up, I can also see the way my goals have become so much richer, because there’s now a very special little man that looks at me with such lovely innocence and I’m overwhelmed at how much this little sponge already understands.

I am here but I am a different version of myself. 


I am Physically STRONGER

Let’s face it the body is never the same after having children.  However I have come to realise that I have become stronger.  Popeye would be impressed with my right arm. The ability to carry out tasks one handed was tough at first but now it’s not a problem.  This body works hard and childbirth well it was for me a 37 hour physically demanding endurance event. I’ve never known anything quite like it and my Gold medal, my son was worth every second.

3 months

I am Forgetful

My Post baby brain is not great, I am not as good at remembering things and I do a lot more going upstairs and then forgetting what I was going upstairs for. I have previously opened the freezer door with an over glove and once found I had placed my mobile in the biscuit tin discovered after four days.  I experience frequent moments of brain-ache trying to remember the million and one things I need to do. I recently found a  memory training book  which I had purchased some time ago and forgot I had it. This is now being read in the hope that I can keep the brain cells a boost.

I’m a List Maker

I have two note books and keep a diary for appointments.  I STILL write a daily record of when I change Jay’s nappy and feed him for the simple reason *please see above*.

My mum wanted me to have one too!

I Cook more

I’m not a great cook but I am much more keen to cook than ever before. My diet has changed in that I am eating less sugar and both Mr M and I want to remain in good health for Jay.  When I’m in my 50’s Jay will be in his early teenage years yikes! therefore I am much more health conscious and want to stay and feel young but still believe in saying ‘everything in moderation!’


My Inner Child

Motherhood has brought out my inner child. As an older mum I want to be able to stay fun for Jay and find myself being very silly with him some days whether it be making blankie fortresses/tents/ playing hide and seek, and doing the congo as we head into the kitchen in the morning. I watch children’s programmes morning to evening and pretty much know the theme music and songs word for word engraved in my mind.  Nevermind chart music, I sing Wind the Bobbin, Zoom Zoom and other rhymes.

I am Anxious

Anxiety levels have inevitably gone up and  sometimes off the richter scale. I do find some days overwhelming and scary trying to keep on top of chores and day to day life . I am working on managing that as I don’t want to worry unnecessarily. The health visitor once said to me worry is like a rocking chair, gives you something to do but won’t get you anywhere.  My mum would tell me pre-motherhood that I wouldn’t really know ‘worry’ until I had a child…thanks mum. My former worries and concerns now seem superfluous by comparison. Lets face it there will be days that just go down the toilet, those days which don’t go as planned and will cause frustration but I’m to remind myself that tomorrow is another day so to forget about what’s happened and move on.

I have more Patience (well sort of)

I thought I was a relatively patient person pre-Jay but my goodness I know what Patience really means as there are days where I like most parents are tested to the max. I am starting to focus more on my breathing and take deep breaths and count to 3 when it does get a bit too much. A recent example was when Jay would not go to sleep (this teething business has been awful) and at 23:45 hours he started laughing and blowing raspberries at me….he went to bed 15 mins after. There was also two weeks he didn’t want to eat solids and I was literally bringing out platters of different food items throughout the day in the hope he would get something into his little belly. Patience is a virtue they say!

I Drink Less Alcohol


The thought of having a hangover and looking after a toddler gives me the shivers. Having a glass of wine is more of a treat and as it’s usually just one glass then I make sure it’s a large!

I am less Spontanious


I can’t just do stuff at the drop of a hat going out clubbing and that’s me in Ibiza above.  Much more planning is required attending any events. I’m not actually a party girl quite the opposite in fact, a homely soul at heart so I don’t mind ‘staying in’. My random outings are a thing of the past.

I am Realistic

Time doesn’t wait for anyone and I certainly feel there is not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on my daily list but I am realistic about things and try to be productive  working faster in getting jobs done. I am a perfectionist which can be a bit of a curse as things don’t always go to plan of course and I am left feeling deflated. There is of course the monotony of motherhood that feeling of GroundHog Day but I know like so many parents out there that what we need to remind ourselves that what we are doing is so  worthwhile.

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. ~Mildred B. Vermont

I am forward-looking.

Past experiences can shape us but I always try and see the positive even when clouds are grey.  I do think about the future as well as remembering to live in the moment. Before Jay, I lived my life for myself. I wasn’t a frivolous person, but I definitely put serious thought into deciding what heels would go with my skinny jeans. All of that has changed  as I now think about the World Jay will live in when I’m long gone. I recycle more as silly as this sounds but I hope it will make a difference for the planet when Jay is living his adult life. I realise I have also been donating more helping children in need of care and protection.

I am a Daily Cleaner

I can’t seem to function in a cluttered space and feel I am constantly tidying up which has increased ten-fold since having Jay. I know that I need to ‘let go’ on having a completely clean and tidy house all the time but it’s pretty hard for someone like me who is a tad OCD about cleanliness.

My Body is different

I managed to get back to my pre pregnancy weight fairly quickly and currently stay trim using aids like the Slendertone, the Nutri Bullet, and by using a skipping rope which I’ve blogged about.  However the trauma my petite frame endured during child birth with forceps and an episiotomy was just too much. I still think I walk funny and let’s not mention the joys of bladder weakness and more hair growth in the wrong places.  When your mum also starts giving you Tenna Lady as well as anti wrinkle cream you know that things will never be the same.


I wear less Makeup and prefer comfort over style

I can’t remember the last time I used mascara as I have ridiculously watery eyes and now paint my face in approx 5 mins. I have mastered the 3-4 mins shower in comparison to the 30 mins I used to take not very eco-friendly at all. I won’t mention how long I would take in the bath! I know they say less is more but some days I do need extra help and I actually do love makeup.  Yes I do own numerous pairs of  black lycra leggings but don’t we all? and wearing a mishmash of comfy house clothes is just the norm now. I have even ventured outside without makeup which I would not have dreamt of doing before Jay came along.  There are still times I realise once outside that I am wearing my top inside out or back to front covered in all types of toddler messes.  Whilst dealing with his reflux I constantly had to change my clothes as well as his with all the milk throw ups not to mention his wee and poo episodes.


I’m a Stay at Home Mum

I was planning on returning to work after my year long maternity leave although deep down my heart ached as I wanted to be a stay at home mum and would have had to return to my role as a PA full time. The situation went in my favour as I was made redundant and luckily Mr M said he would support me whatever I wanted to do.  I was happy with my decision to want to look after the baby we created and he sent me this recently which made me realise I had made the right decision for us.


baby on board

It would have been hard to do all the commuting I was doing in and out of London working the long hours that I did. I figured that I had waited so long to be a parent and I want to be there for Jay’s milestones watching him grow.  He does love being around other children so I take him along to classes and play groups.  I’m sure at some stage I will return to work  but after 15 years of office life my priorities have changed and I do love looking after the little tinker with all the ups and downs.  I have a new found respect for stay at home parents as well as parents who go out to work.  Both have their Pros and Cons and  can be exhausting mentally and physically. We are all doing what we need to do for our children.

No one said parenthood would  be easy, it’s on the job training and I have to thank my lucky stars that I have been given the chance to raise a child after wondering what it would be like after so many years.   Mr M and I have a life long dedication to make a caring, responsible, honest human being out of Jay.


How do you think you have changed since you became a mother or a father?

Feel free to leave any comments or advice!




To all the Wonder Women out there!