Candle Scent-Sations


It’s no secret I’m obsessed with buying scented candles and this compulsion started seven years ago whilst working in prestigious Mayfair and oh so walking distance close to Selfridges. Each pay day I would make my monthly pilgrimage to the home department and treat myself to a candle or two (well I am otherwise careful with my money). I would eagerly look forward to bringing them to life at home.  I  adore the ambience created by soft candle light and even better having a scent you love waft through your living space. The candle industry is itself a big business and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that in 2013 £90M was spent in Britain on candles.

My current burning favourites!


French Cade Lavender candle by Voluspa, was my very first luxury candle and I’ve never forgotten it. The pretty tin caught my eye and features a Japonica floral pattern but more importantly has a gorgeous subtle floral scent. This indulgent three wick scented candle reminded me of fresh linen at first but in candle talk it has fragrance notes of French cade wood, verbena and Bulgarian lavender.


Rituals Sweet Sunrise Vitalising Scented Candle has the fresh aroma of Sweet Orange and the warm, soft undertone of Cedar Wood. I feel quite uplifted by this scent but then I am fond of sweet things.


Scent is one of the strongest senses linked to nostalgia and Seychelles from The White Company takes me back to my Indian Ocean honeymoon (although it was Mauritius and not the Seychelles).  I ADORE this scent which combines notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. You have to try it to know what I mean!


I am a huge fan of Molton Brown and so I knew Black Pepper would not disappoint.  I was gifted this candle and it is spicy blended with notes of ginger, amber and bergamot which provides a warming scent for the home.  It has 3 wicks for an even burn and is great for getting rid of any strong cooking smells! This candle reminds me of the festive season can’t wait!

Finally I think Henna candles are aesthetically beautiful and candles I don’t want to light! There are some fantastic Henna Artisans out there and seeing  beautifully intricate designs remind me of the mendhi I was adorned with before my wedding day.

Candles can say a lot about who we are and they are a good way to make a statement.  I’d love to hear about your favourite candles as I’m always on the hunt for a new scent… ha see what I did there!

Thanks for reading