Bibs and Bobs



The  other day my mum told me that I never once wore a bib during my baby days.  If you were to meet baby Jay in person, you would see that he is rarely without a bib.  The only times he’s not wearing one is when he has his daily bath and when he is being changed. He has a growing collection of “ties” as my dad calls them and our washing line usually displays 12-15 drying daily.

I recently came across some fabulous bibs to deal with Jay’s daily reflux at Beauty and the Bib on a day where I had run out of dry ones and realised the bibs I owned were wafer thin and useless.  Comparing these new finds to my existing ones I question why I even thought the old bibs were a great choice in the first place.  The Strawberry design always makes me smile (I’ve nicknamed it Kermit the frog bib due to the collar).  I’ve noticed Jay lifting his “tie” and studying the embroidery he’s definitely a fan too! The bibs come in pretty organza bags and make lovely gifts for little dribblers out there.


I absolutely love these bibs as they cover clothing with a 9cm drop from under the chin and are wonderfully  soft and thick able to handle the wetness.  There are lots of fun designs to choose from too. Not having to change his clothes numerous times in the day is a huge relief.

I also loved reading Lara Boyle’s success story in setting up her bib business from a market stall in Greenwich Market in 2004 which has grown to a Flagship store. This has inspired me to think about doing something like this one day and hopefully becoming a successful mumpreneur.  Back in 2011 the ITV team approached Lara regarding a gift for mum to be Beyonce. The finished product was personalised with the  message ‘If you like it then you shudda put a BIB on it”!



Thanks for reading

*Please excuse the number of times I’ve used the word “bib” can’t be helped*

From the other ‘B’