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When I discovered I was expecting I spent the first 20 weeks googling things like what does braxton hicks feel like?, how long does morning sickness last? and is it safe to eat nutella whilst pregnant? yes I really did google that. There was then a shift to what to buy for a newborn and there began my hours of daily research.

When the team at Berry Clever contacted me to ask if I could share tips on the products I loved and ones I didn’t like so much I was happy to help. It’s a lovely online community set up by a mixture of citizens not just parents looking to make online shopping that little bit easier and if you’re a pet lover there’s a section for our animal friends too.

Like many new parents I tend to read reviews on products before I buy and this site is a great way of discovering new items without having to trawl through long reviews.  I logged in using my existing Facebook account so it was super quick but you can sign in with an email account too.  I created a couple of lists such as sleeping, newborn, post partum. You simply either click on a berry icon (either ‘love’ or ‘meh’) overlaid on or next to a product image, then add the product to the list of your choice.  Berry Clever is designed to help you find products that are most suitable for your baby or pet.

If you’re expecting you may want to set up a wish list and this way friends and family can also view anything you have set your eyes on (wink wink).

Why not join Berry Clever and create a list or a few- sharing is caring!



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