7 Months Baby Talk




The little Jay bird once a teeny weeny baby is now really beginning to take shape and is weighing over 17lbs at 7 months and is slim but LONG.  The 6-9month romper suits fit well but I can see they will be quite a snug fit soon. He still loves his milk 4-5 bottles a day (whilst holding his left foot??) and is trying new tastes each week. I nearly went into cardiac arrest  last week when I saw he had broken off a big piece of his apple biscotti in his mouth and so I frantically hooked it out. This teething business is frankly beginning to really get us all a bit frustrated.

We have kindly been sent a book to try new recipes as Jay becomes more proficient at eating. It’s still early days but so far he hasn’t refused any foods and appears to have taken his dad’s genes when it comes to appetite. Not fussy like his mummy!


I caught him studying his hands the other day moving his fingers. He also seems to be fascinated with moving shadows and adores talking to our ceiling lights.  Talking about talking, he stopped me in my tracks and said “dada” last week and now combines syllables into word-like sounds which I find really incredible.  I also find myself babbling back to him as if we are having a proper conversation. He is lunging forward suddenly and often catches me with his quick movements when I am holding him. Like many parents we play peek-a-boo but suddenly this now gets him laughing till he can’t take it no more!

Jay can now sit without support for quite some time and although there are no signs of him crawling, this water loving boy knows how to kick water with such force I get soaked each time. He loves water and smiles away not phased when water splashes onto his face. However, it’s a different story when he’s taken out of the bath as he detests getting changed and we have quite an unnecessary scene.  But when all is said and done he is calm and observes everything around him like nothing ever happened.



I may not have a boy that naps much in the day but he sleeps through 12 hours each night and greets me with a smile in the morning. (I’m dreading the night that changes of course!)

Thanks for reading