6 Month’s of Pure Love


Watching you grow baby Jay from month to month has been fascinating and a complete labour of love. 

It has been said many times that we have been incredibly lucky with you sleeping all the way through the night from when you were only 8 weeks old. Bedtime is usually between 8.30-9.30pm and we don’t hear a peep from you until 7.00am. Unfortunately where we have won on the sleeping challenge we have been dealing with daily reflux (meh!) which is getting better but very slowly. You are the king of bibs and go through about 12-15  a day. I similarly have many clothes changes and quite used to wearing the not so nice clothes anymore.

Your bibs or your ties as grandad calls them are constantly being changed (as well as your nappies – no nappy rash so far touch wood). At 4 months we moved you into your nursery and I miss having you sleep in our bedroom even though you’ve never slept in our bed.  You currently weigh 15lbs 5oz which I think would have been much more had it not been for the pesky reflux. Somehow you are on the 91st percentile for height which is crazy as you don’t have the tallest of parents.

Your weaning journey began at 5 and half months and it’s been going really well, so far you haven’t refused any foods I have introduced. Must take after your daddy. You have breakfast, lunch and dinner and can get angry if mummy takes too long reloading the spoon.  Your beverage of choice is SMA Gold and you drink approximately 6-7oz every two to three hours.


From Sugar Booger


You have longer eyelashes than your mother and your eyes are blue grey with flecks of brown.


You can roll but don’t seem to enjoy tummy time


You like looking at books and can hold a small book in your hands. We’ve done a short video which is on the Routes to Reading website.


You can sit up unaided for a little while before slouching sideways


You love your baths and enjoyed your first ever visit to the swimming pool!

You love it when we head out in the pram and kick your legs excitedly ( a bit too much in my opinion)


You love sleeping with your aden+anais swaddles

You love seeing material waved  above you

Your fisher price truck


You don’t like having your clothes changed no siree!

or your hair combed, Mariah would be impressed with the octaves your voice can reach


You laugh at the word “wrestling” no idea why.

You handle the monthly 3+ hours  car journeys very well with mummy visiting the grandparents

When you are crying we turn on the TV to Channel on Virgin Media Tiddlers Tv which miraculously stops the crying.

My favourite part of each day is walking into the nursery first thing in the morning and seeing you smile back at me so innocently.

We waited ever such a long time for you to arrive. Here’s to many more milestones.

Lots of Love

Your creators