1st Blog Anniversary!


A year ago today I took my first baby steps into the blogging world and published my very first post on the World Wide Web. Jay had turned four months old (fast forward to today – Happy 16 months Birthday Jay!)

I had wanted to start writing about my experiences being a first time mum.  Wordpress was and still is a minefield to understand but I persevered.  Along Came Jay is my creative outlet,  helping my mind and soul in so many ways and on some days it’s a form of escapism.   It’s been a great year where I’ve been invited to blog events, collaborated with brands which include Pampers, Gro, and Milton, , being sent products to review, guest blogging and also selected to write for the White Paris Luxury Candles Company. I’ve made some wonderful friends via social media and realise this community is huge with many opportunities, including Vlogging which I am trying my hand at for 2015.


This of course would not have been possible without your support wherever you are in the World for taking the time to click on links and read my blog.  I want to Thank You for connecting with me my lovely readers and followers via:
I intend to continue writing from the heart as it’s what I love to do as well as mothering. If my virtual words helps someone out there then this makes it all so worthwhile.
Finally to my Jaybird, my miracle, when you are old enough to understand a special thanks from mumma for this probably wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t come into my life…
Much Love
Along Came Jay